Free Fire has released the World Series OB27 update recently with many new features and changes. Two brand new characters called Maro and Xayne ventured into the title after this update. Free Fire now has 39 characters in total. Except for the default names, all of these characters own special skills that help gamers do a better job on the virtual battleground.

So check out five of the best Free Fire characters after OB27 update.

1. DJ Alok

This character has been known for a long while for his active ability called Drop The Beat. After the OB27 World Series update, his ability is boosted as he gets leveled up with universal fragments.

Alok Free Fire

At the first level, this skill crafts a 5-meter aura that enhances ally movement speed by 10%. It also heals 5 HP/s for five seconds and the effects are unable to be stacked.

2. Xayne

As per the in-game description, this new character is an athlete who likes traveling. Xayne’s active ability is named Xtreme Encounter.


The ability provides you with 80 HP temporarily at the base level. Also, it pushes damage to shield and gloo walls to 40%. Its cooldown lasts 150 seconds and the effect takes up 10 seconds.

Her ability expands as she levels up in Free Fire.

3. Chrono

In spite of being nerfed, Chrono is still one of the best Free Fire characters after OB27 update. Time Turner, his active ability, can still make the force field which blocks 600 damage from opponents. Players can fire at enemies right from within the field.

Free Fire Chrono
Chrono will make a great combo with Shirou for a counter-attack

On another hand, the movement speed of the player inside the force field is reduced to 5%. Every effect lasts three seconds. Meanwhile, its cooldown time has hiked to 200 seconds.

His abilities have a significant enhancement after the character is maximized.

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4. K (Captain Booyah)

Captain Booyah is a jiu-jitsu expert whose active ability is Master of All. It boosts his whole EP by 50.

In jiu-jitsu mode, allies in a 6m radius experience will get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate.


Meanwhile, K can recover automatically 2 EP every 3 seconds in psychology mode. It can be up to 100 EP.

The ability spends around three seconds to finish the mode-switch CD. His skills are enhaced as K levels up.

5. Skyler

Skyler is also among the best Free Fire characters after OB27 update. His active ability creates a sonic wave that damages five gloo walls within 50m.

HP recovery will start with 4 points with any deployed gloo wall. Moreover, his ability is boosted as he gets leveled up.

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