The OB27 update is coming closer and closer to Free Fire with tons of change on the character system. Many character's abilities are getting buffed a lot and Hayato Awaken is one of them. Let's find out what Hayato Awaken ability will do in the next update

Hayato Awaken Ability Reworked

Old ability: Active - Create a shield in front of Hayato that blocks 35% of incoming damage for 6 seconds. The shield will disappear when Hayato starts shooting.

New ability: Passive - You will get 3.5% frontal damage reduction whenever for each 10% health you lose.

Hayato Awaken Free Fire
You will get more frontal damage reduction as your HP gets lower.

Hayato Awaken's ability will be a passive ability in the update, which is a huge buff because you can now use it along with other powerful active abilities. You will now have frontal damage reduction based on your current health percentage.

In the OB27 update, the Awaken ability will also merge with the original ability as one so basically, you will have more armor penetration and frontal damage reduction the lower your health gets. This ability will make you very unpredictable in a one-on-one battle. Even if your HP is low, you are still capable of fighting a healthy enemy thanks to both the armor penetration and damage reduction.

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Hayato Awaken Combination

  • Antonio/ Luqueta will be a great choice as they can increase your Max HP by 35 so you can afford to lose some health in trade for the damage reduction and armor penetration.
  • Andrew Awaken is a wonderful combo with Hayato Awaken to have even more damage reduction.
Awaken Andrew Free Fire
Andrew Awaken is a wonderful combo with Hayato Awaken
  • Jota can heal you up by 40 HP instantly after each kill with a shotgun or SMG so you don't get too low.
Jota Free Fire
Jota has a great healing ability
  • As for the active ability slot, you would want a character that can give you a lot of healing during combat such as A124, Alok, K. with a ton of damage reduction, you will be able to heal up all the damage easily with these characters.

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