Long-range fights in Free Fire are one of the most thrilling combat experiences in matches. You need a combination of both speed and accuracy in order to pin down an enemy, who you can barely see.

In this article, GuruGamer is going to show you 3 simple tips that anyone can do to become a true sniper in Free Fire.

1. Have the right gears

Not all types of weapons in Free Fire are suitable for long-range flights. You need to have at least an Assault Rifle in order to actually thinking about engaging in such fights. The best weapons, of course, would be sniper rifles.

The best options are M82B with the ability to penetrate Gloo Wall, the SVD with armor penetration, additional damage to the body, and the Woodpecker with high precision, armor penetration. These weapons also a big scope, which is essential in all long-range fights.

M82b Free Fire
The M82B is one of the best snipers riles in long-range fights in Free Fire.

2. Use the right characters

There are many characters in Free Fire with abilities that will help you significantly in long-range combats in Free Fire. Here are some great characters for you to become a true sniper:

  • Laura: Laura's ability will increase your accuracy when you scoped in, keeping your bullets straight at the enemy far away.
  • Rafael: Rafael's change in the OB27 update makes him the best character for the sniper role. You will now have a permanent silencing effect when you use sniper rifles. Plus the enemy you take down will bleed out 40% faster.
Rafael Free Fire
Rafael is ow an amazing character for the sniper role
  • Maro: The mystery character in the OB27 advance server has revealed himself yet. But if he actually comes to Free Fire, he will also be a must-have character for the sniper role. His ability increase your damage when the target is far away and when the target is marked
  • Moco: The combination of Moco's ability and the M82B will make the enemy's Gloo WAll completely useless.

3. Quick Scope

It is a very important skill to learn if you truly want to master long-range combats in Free Fire. This trick will help you keep your aim at a running target and hit all your shots. Your hand needs to be really fast to do this, but you will get used to it easily with some training, and it is totally worth it.

First, you need to change the Aim Precision in the Control Settings to Default. Turn on Quick Weapon Switch.

Advanced Tips For Long Range Attacks In Free Fire
Change the Control Settings

In the control layout, put a small button that you don't use in the middle of the screen and use it as your crosshair for sniper rifles.

Here is how you quick scope:

  • You move so your crosshair aim at the enemy.
  • Scope in shoot and use the Weapon Switch button twice to scope out and return to the sniper rifle.
  • Repeat the process.

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