No matter how careful you are when playing Free Fire, your character will sooner or later get hurt. Therefore, knowing how to heal the character is essential to improve your chances of surviving and winning. Besides using Medkit and mushrooms, players can heal from the character's skills.

Here are 5 characters with the best healing abilities in Free Fire after the OB27 update.

5. Notora

The girl with a tomboy appearance is a member of a biker gang with unique healing skills. Notora's most unique skill is called Racker's Blessing, which speaks volumes about her abilities as a biker.

Notora in Free Fire

What surprising is it doesn't increase the car's speed but restores the player's HP on the vehicle she's driving instead.

4. Kapella

One of the characters with the best healing abilities in Free Fire is said to take inspiration from the Korean girl group BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Apart from the appealing appearance and the voice of a guardian angel, she also possesses the skill that increases the effect of the healing item by up to 20% and the healing ability to 10%.

Kapella in Free Fire

In addition, Kapella can reduce teammates’ rate of blood loss when falling by 30%. This ability's cooldown is only 10 seconds.

Kapella is stronger and upgraded because she can increase healing for teammates. Healing Song is also very flexible and useful on the battlefield, so a lot of players want to own this character.

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3. A124

A124 has a unique skill that converts her EP into HP. This makes her one of the longest-lasting characters in the game as long as players can maintain their high EP.


Her healing skill is considered to be superior to previous healing methods in this title. That’s the reason why she is also considered one of the best characters with the best healing abilities in Free Fire.

To receive EP, you have two options: to receive mushrooms or receive EP after each kill. At the maximum level, Hayato will give your character 80 EP for one kill.

2. Luqueta

Luqueta's skill is called Hattrick. After each kill, Luqueta's health increases from 10-50. This ability is similar to Antonio’s, however, Luqueta's maximum health is much more superior.


His max HP boost is much stronger than pure heal, especially when it's permanent. With a maximum HP of 235, Luqueta would have a huge advantage in any 1vs1 fight.

His skill is also said to be among the top 5 abilities to combo with Xayne.

1. DJ Alok

DJ Alok is a sought-after character with his powerful ability, Drop the Beat. It creates a halo to increase movement speed and heal within 5m. The cooldown for this ability is 45 seconds.

Dj Alok
The strongest healing ability belongs to DJ Alok.

It is no doubt that he is also among the top characters with the best healing abilities in Free Fire. If there is a player who also uses Alok's skills on your team, maximize their skill. Alok's skill effect can only work with friends within a radius of 5 meters. If you use 2 Alok in the same match, the effect of the ability will even double.

A character in FF usually has either the skills to increase speed, or increase health. However, DJ Alok has both,  and even increases those of the allies in a range.

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