Maro is among one of the 2 new characters in the OB27 update of Free Fire apart from Xayne. Maro's ability increase your damage on targets far away and marked target, making him a very promising character for many combos.

New Maro Character Free Fire
Maro is one of the 2 new characters in Free Fire in the OB27 update.

While Maro is not available on the Indian server yet, it has been released on another server. Players can get the character along with many other rewards by playing the Get Maro event. Let's find out about how to get the new Free Fire Maro character with

Maro Event Free Fire
Maro has been released in another server.

Free Fire Get Maro event

This event is really simple. All you have to do is log in, play the battle royale mode, and complete daily missions in the event to get tokens. You can then use these token to spin to get Maro. There is a total of 7 prizes and you won't spin the same prize twice. Each spin will cost more tokens than the previous one.

Free Fier Maro
Players can get Maro for free in Free Fire Get Maro event.

However, as long as you play every day and complete daily missions in the event, you will get Maro for free eventually. The spin also has Maro character fragments as prizes so you would want to get all of them anyway.

It is not 100% sure that Maro will be released through this event in India though. It is possible that, just like Skyler, Maro will be released about a month later through a top-up event. In that case, players will be able to get the Maro Free Fire character for free by topping up 300 Diamonds during the event.

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