Free Fire Bermuda map 2021 is updated and enhanced with a new look. Check out this new guide and some new tactics to get Booyah on this map. 

Free Fire Bermuda Map 2021

The remastered map has better graphics and more stunning places. However, Garena Free Fire only launched it in a limited time, from January 1st to 17th. They added some new places with enhanced graphics and more decoration. But this remastered map is not available now.

Free Fire Bermuda 2021
Free Fire Bermuda Map 2021 has a more stunning and realistic look with better graphic quality.

Besides, some old locations such as Graveyard, Bullseye, Rim Nam Village, Riverside, and Sentosa are removed. You will see some new places with strange names that you have never seen before, such as Nurek Dam, Academy, Aden's Creek, and Samurai's Garden. After some changes on this map, the tactics and gameplay of many players changed a bit.

The Hot Drop Locations
Aggressive Players Often Head To The Hot Drop Locations

In upcoming time, Free Fire Remastered Bermuda is expected to come back in the near future. It's because the remastered map is very stunning with many places of attractions. For example, Samurai's Garden is a stunning Japanese traditional compound with a cherry blossom garden in the center of the map. Academy is an abandoned school with a lot of loots.

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Tactics For Aggressive Gameplay In Bermuda

Aggressive players often engage early and go to find enemies. Therefore, they often appear in hot-drop locations on this map. Here are some places for aggressive players to engage early and get more kills after each match. Free Fire aggressive players often land on the border of the map where they can find a lot of loots.

Factory Bermuda 2 0
Start at the Factory first for some easy early combat.

Besides, these places should be near other locations so that they can rush instantly after getting enough supplies and weapons. Moreover, you can encounter many enemies there and have to engage early. The three best challenging drop locations on Bermuda after updates are Bimasakti Strip, Clock Tower, and Factory.

Clock Tower Bermuda 2 0
There are many ways to reach the Clock Tower on Bermuda 2 0.

These three places make a deadly triangle. The Clock Tower is nearly in between the two other places. You can start in Factory, loot, and kill some enemies. It's because the structure of Factory makes it a place to rush for pro players. You should loot and head to the top of the Factory to have more advantage in combat.

Use Glider
Use Glider To Reach The Top Of The Bimasakti Strip Tower.

Then, head to the Clock Tower. It's a good place to attack with a lot of entrances. Then, head to the Bimasakti Strip to have a larger view over the surrounding area from the top of the Bimasakti tower. Players can find a board launcher near Katulistiwa to throw you into the sky and use the glider to reach the top of that tower. From that tower, you can fly the glider to reach the center of the safe zone and engage in fiercer combat.

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