Garena Free Fire offers both casual and ranked game modes for players to move between. But, unlike casual matches, ranked ones are super intense and competitive. Players will go above and beyond to get every possible edge to help them win!

Free Fire Bermuda Map
Free Fire Bermuda Map

And one of the determining factors to Free Fire gameplay is the loot. Good loot means a higher chance of actually making it to the end. And to find good loot, you'll need a good start in a great landing spot.

Here are the top 3 locations you should drop in on Free Fire's Bermuda Map for rank pushing!

#1 - Peak

The Peak is the favorite drop spot for Free Fire players on the Bermuda map. It's conveniently located right in the middle of the map and covers a vast area. Here you can find numerous buildings filled with decent loot.

Peak in Free Fire
The Peak in Free Fire

If you're up for a high-risk, high-reward location, then Peak is the place for you. Drop quickly, loot, and start finding your first kill of the match. But always remember to stay alert or you will be others' prey instead.

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#2 - Mars Electric

For those who prefer a safer landing spot, head straight to Mars Electric. It's often overlooked in Free Fire since it's located on the bottom of the map. However, this location provides decent loot for the whole squad with less competition.

Mars Electric
Mars Electric

But if you do decide to land on Mars Electric, make sure you have a way out first. Locate nearby vehicles as you are dropping in to make the quick rotation to the Play Zone.

#3 - Cape Town

Last but not least, we have Cape Town. Like Mars Electric, this landing location offers safety and good loot. There are numerous buildings and houses for players to roam through or to use as cover to fence off enemies.

Cape Town
Cape Town

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