The new Skyler character has finally arrived in Free Fire for players to obtain. Skyler is a character based on a famous Vietnamese singer. His skill Riptide Rhythm unleashes a shockwave that destroys all Gloo Walls in its way. Also, when Skyler places a Gloo Wall he will get an increased HP regen starting from 9 points.

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In this article, we will show you the top 4 characters in Free Fire that will make a great combo with Skyler.


Shirou is the latest character in Free Fire. He was given to all Free Fire players so he is very accessible to everyone. Shirou's skill is a passive skill called Damage Delivered. This skill marks the player who shot him for 8 seconds and gives hims 100% armor penetration in the next shot on that target.

When combining with Skyler, you will have extra defensive and healing power to counter-attack the enemy even if they are hiding behind their own Gloo Wall.

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Shirou is the latest character in Free Fire and he was given for free to all players


Jota is a great character for SMG and shotgun users and rushers as he will heal you 40 HP instantly after each kill using an SMG or shotgun. With this many healing power, you can fight constantly while keeping your health level high. Skyler's skill to destroy Gloo Walls is also very healful in many rushing situations.

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Antonio is just a great character overall that can be used in any skill combo. With the extra max HP, you will less likely get burst down quickly so you will have a chance to place a Gloo Wall and heal up with Skyler's ability. Skyler's skill regens up to 100 HP, which gives you enough Hp to fill up your high max HP.

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Antonio is just a great character overall that can be used in any skill combo


Caroline's skill increases the movement when you are using a shotgun. The reason why she makes a great combo with Skyler is that the M1887 and Gloo Wall combo with Skyler. You can 2 shot the enemy, place a Gloo Wall if they don't die to reload, and get free heal up. Then you can use Skyler's skill to destroy all Gloo Wall and surprise the enemy.

Caroline's skill will help you to have more mobility to rush the enemy and set up your play.

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