With the Cobra Project, Free Fire has released a new character called Shirou and gave it away for all Free Fire players. Shirou has a passive ability called Damage Delivered, which lets him marks the player who shot him and increases his armor penetration to 100% in the next shot on the marked target.

This is an amazing skill but you will need the right weapon to maximize the power of this skill. Here is the list of the top 4 weapons to combo with Shirou's ability.


The SVD is a powerful AR in long-range combats. The SVD also has an Armor Penetration attribute of 67 Points, a rare attribute that not all weapons in Free Fire. This weapon makes a great combo with Shirou as you will have a massive advantage when trading shots.

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Same as the SVD, the Woodpecker is a great long-range weapon with a high damage and armor penetration. Even though the Woodpecker just got nerfed, it is still a really good weapon. With this weapon, the enemy will be regretting their decision to shot you first.

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The M82B is also a great weapon to combo with Shirou's ability. The fact that Shirou's ability will mark the location of the enemy really help the ability to shot through the Gloo Wall of the M82B.  You can still execute the enemy easily even if they are hiding behind the Gloo Wall.



When it comes to close-range combat the M1887 is an insane weapon with insane damage and high burst power. This weapon makes a perfect combo with Shirou's ability to one-shot the enemy. Plus, the tracking ability will help you easily find the location of the enemy and rush them down or planking them.

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