Free Fire has a huge collection of skins with different themes for pets, weapons, characters, Gloo Wall. You can get these skins by getting them in events, or buy them from the shop. While some skins can be obtained for free, some skins will cost you thousands of Diamonds.

In this article, we will show you the 4 most expensive skins ever in Free Fire.

Skull Hunter Bundle

The Skull Hunter bundle was the first Legendary bundle in Free Fire with the evolve ability. The bundle was released in 2019. You have to spin a Legendary Royale to get the bundle. Each low odd spin cost 80 Diamonds while each high odds spin cost 400 Diamonds. In order to obtain this bundle, you will need to spend at least 1000 to 200 Diamonds.

However, this bundle is expensive for a reason. It is a bundle that will evolve during the game as you kill other players and survive. The bundle has a total of 3 Levels, which drastically change its appearance.

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Cobra Rage Bundle

The Cobra Rage Bundle is also another legendary bundle that you need to spend a lot of Diamonds on to obtain. Players cannot buy it directly but they have to spin the Cobra Ascension to collect 5 Cobra Eggs and exchange them for the bundle.

The Cobra Rage Bundle has 1 outfit for female characters and 1 outfit for male characters. The outfit has four different colors for players to switch to their preference.

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AK-Blue Flame Draco

The AK-Blue Flame Draco skin was the first evolution weapon skin ever. It features many striking effects such as hit effect, kills effect, emote,... The skin has a total of 7 Levels and each level will unlock a different bonus, which makes the skin even more expensive, somewhat around 10,000 Diamonds.

At Level max, the skin will give the weapon 2 Rate of fire buff, 1 Damage buff while reducing its movement speed. It also has a bonus ability that deals more damage to Gloo Wall.

Ak 47 Blue Flame Draco Skin 1 1024x576

SCAR-Megalodon Alpha

The SCAR-Megalodon Alpha skin is the 2nd evolution weapon skin in Free Fire. Just like the AK-Blue Flame Draco, this skin has 7 Level and you need to upgrade it to the max level to get all the bonus. The skin provides the weapon 2 Rate of fire buff, 1 Damage buff while reducing its Reload Speed at level max. There is also a bonus ability that deals extra damage to the enemy's armor and helmet.

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MP40 - Predatory Cobra

The MP40 - Predatory Cobra is the latest evolution skin in Free Fire. It was released in February and it also cost players a load of Diamonds to get it to the max level.  The skin provides the weapon 2 Damage buff, 1 Rate of Fire buff while reducing its Reload Speed at level max. The skin also deals more damage to the enemy from the back. Everything about this skin is amazing, except for its price, which is around 10,000 Diamonds like the other two evolution skins.

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