There are 2 ways to get a Booyah in Free Fire - you either land on the edge of the zones and scrape by to survive until the end... or land on the hardest zones, beat everyone and sit on it until the final circles. Anyone can do the first... but the second requires a lot more skills and luck.

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In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most dangerous locations on the Kalahari map that you could land. They are usually in the middle of the map, with great drops and likely to be inside of the circles. Take note that the difficulty of these landing spots are based on the trajectory of the plane as well - if the plane is far from the center, the refinery would be an easy spot (but this rarely happens).

1 - Refinery

The oil extracting platform refinery is probably the best sniper spot on the map - it is in the middle and on high ground... you can just sit on top of it with a sniper rifle and aim at everyone who approaches. However, a lot of people have the same idea, so prepare for a heated fight while at this location. There are not many covers in the refinery as well.


2 - Bayfront

Another popular location - while it does not have the high ground of the refinery, the Bayfront more than made up for it with its high loot quality. The tower in the middle has a high chance to spawn a sniper rifle.., however, due to the nature of the buildings in this location, enemies could come from a lot of angles and you would not be able to see them coming.


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3 - Command Post

Another hot location - this one has even more drops than Bayfront... but scattered in a huge area, suitable for multiple players. If you are playing squad mode, landing here would definitely be a bloody battle.


4 - Foundation

Another big zone - due to its nature of being a ruined complex, the foundation is actually not as treacherous as the above 3 locations. However, the quality and quantity of the loots in this spot are also lower. Still, expect company when landing on this.


5 - The Sub

The sub is one of the most unique locations in Free Fire... with a submarine stranded on the mountain. It is a perfect spot for sniping and has a high chance to spawn sniper rifles... and because of that, a lot of people like to drop here.


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