Reload time is a pretty underrated stat in Free Fire - people usually would care a lot more about damage or fire rate, as they are the most important stats related to the gun's damage output. However, knowing more about your favorite weapons' reload time might help you a lot, as a lot of deaths were caused by carelessly filling your weapon while enemies still around.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 weapons with the fastest reload time in the game.

5 - Desert Eagle

Reload: 69

This weapon is probably the most useful gun in this class... and the closest to a normal weapon. The desert eagle has high damage, long-range... and decent stats all around - you can run extremely fast while holding it. Overall, this is probably the only useful pistol in the game.

Maxresdefault 1

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4 - M1887

Reload: 76

The M1887, despite having only 2 shots, is much stronger than the M1014. It has 100 damage, the highest damage stat in the class, and the lowest spread at 21. The best statistic, however, is the M1887's whopping 67 armor-piercing. This means the gun can pretty much shred through body armor like nothing - 2 shots are pretty much enough to finish a player (if some of the pellets hit the head). If you missed the first shot, you must headshot with the second.

Maxresdefault 2

3 - MP5

Reload: 77

The MP5 is a budget version of the UMP - without the armor penetration and high movement speed. However, its reload speed + firing speed combo is still pretty solid... and the MP5 doesn't actually need a foregrip, unlike the UMP, as its base accuracy is already high enough.

SMG in Free Fire

A muzzle might also be pretty useful - the Mp5 has the highest range amongst weapons in the same role at 41... and boosting it even further is not a bad idea.

2 - UMP

Reload: 77

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet's damage reduction. If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

SMG in Free Fire

1 - USP

Reload: 83 points

The USP is pretty much the weakest weapon in Free Fire, with the lowest combination of damage and fire rate. Its counterpart G18 has the same damage per bullet but fires 30% faster. There's no reason for you to pick up this gun at all.

Usp 1

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