The arrival of many new characters causes some change in the gameplay of Free Fire players. They need to update their character combo for new gameplay and tactics in this game if they don't want to be left behind. You can also combine their skills in one character. Below are the updated Free Fire character combo for all game modes and tactics as of April 2021.

#1. Best Character Combo For Classic Mode

The best character combination for classic mode includes Chrono, Shirou, Jota, and Jai. Four strong men create a powerful team for aggressive gameplay. The Damage Delivered ability of Shirou makes him an excellent scout for your team in the classic map. He will locate the attackers within 80m in 6s when he gets shot.

Chrono Is A Powerful Fighter
Chrono Is A Powerful Fighter In CS Mode

Besides, the Time-Turner skill of Chrono will protect him and his allies inside a force area. Therefore, your squad will have a greater advantage when dealing more damage while taking less damage from enemies.

Best Skill Combo
Shirou And Chrono Skills Are Combined Perfectly.

Jai's Raging Reload skill makes him a powerful tanker in front of your squad when he can shoot continuously without having to reload ammo. Jota is a good supporter of your team, especially when rushing houses and compounds.

#2. Best Character Combo For Clash Squad Mode

The best team for Clash Squad mode should include K, Miguel, Luqueta, and Joseph. Miguel is a powerful fighter and aggressive hunter with his Crazy Slayer. Once he hills an enemy, he gains HP from that kill to engage in the next combat right away without stopping to use medkits.

K And Miguel
K And Miguel's skill combo is very powerful.

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The passive ability of Luqueta has a pretty similar effect to Miguel's skill. Therefore, both of them are very useful for this game mode. The Nutty Movement skill of Joseph will help him make sudden attacks on enemies. K's Master of All ability also makes this fighter less vulnerable in instant close combat in Free Fire Clash Squad.

#3. Recommended Combo For Safe Booyah

To get Booyah safely and rank up steadily, you should play defensively. You should combine these four characters in your team: Alok, Moco, Kelly, and Dasha. Kelly's speed makes her a good scout for your team. She can run faster than many other characters to get information for her team.

Dasha And Kelly
Dasha And Kelly's skill combo makes her a strong house rusher.

DJ Alok is the best leader with his Drop the Beat skill. Besides, the Hacker’s Eye skill of Moco lets her play as the best sniper in this team, especially when she uses M82B. Finally, Dasha will be a sharpshooter with her Partying On skill that allows her to shoot more accurately.

#4. Damage Combo

The damage combo can be used in both classic mode and clash squad mode. This combo includes Chrono, Kelly, Kla, and Hayato. Chrono is an excellent protector and leader with a 600 HP Shield. Moreover, he can increase the speed of allies inside this shield by 50%. Kelly also has a speed ability. She can run in front of the squad to scout.

Kelly Is A Good Scout
Kelly Is A Good Scout

Kla is a powerful melee fighter in this team that helps your team win in the first round of CS matches. His fist damage is increased by 400% when you activate his skill. Moreover, Hayato's Bushido skill makes Hayato more powerful than other players when dealing players with high-level armor.

#5. Defensive Combo

This combo includes Chrono, Kelly, Moco, and Olivia. Moco will be a great sniper player in your team with her Eye's Hacker ability. Meanwhile, Olivia is an excellent medic in your squad. She can receive a 30% HP bonus when reviving allies.

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