Melee fights in Free Fire are very popular and frequent in both BR and CS modes. You need to master all melee fight skills to win all melee combat and survive in the first and last circle of the match. Here is the list of the best characters for melee combat in Free Fire suggested by for your reference!

#1. Wukong

After many updates and the arrival of new characters, Wukong is still one of the best characters for melee fights. He has a special ability called Camouflage. It seems to be very effective in the battle royale mode when you can turn to a bush to hide. Moreover, you can also use this skill in melee fights to get less damage and fall back when the opponents use special ability.

Wukong Ability
Wukong will take less damage in the shape of a bush.

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#2. Jota

Jota is a new character in Free Fire and also a new choice for melee fights in this game. When you activate his Sustained Raids ability, you can restore 25 to 40 HP per kill with shotguns or SMGs. Therefore, it works perfectly in melee fights in the last circle when you have to face enemies in a very close range. Or else, you can use this character and play aggressively in hot-drop locations.

Jota For Close Combat
Jota Is An Ideal Character For Melee Combat.

#3. Andrew

Andrew used to be a police officer with powerful Armor Specialist ability. He will be less vulnerable when wearing a military vest. His vest duration increase during combat. Therefore, Andrew can kill the opponent first, especially in Free Fire melee combat. This character will help you win more melee fights to survive and get Booyah.

Moreover, the Elite Andrew is even more powerful. This is a newly updated character in 2021 with a better ability for melee combat. You can use him to play and win Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes.

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#4. Shirou

Shirou is one of the newest characters in Free Fire with Damage Delivered skill. He is also an ideal character for melee fights in this game. His skill allows him to mark the attacker to engage instantly when the opponent provokes first. Shirou can also cause more damage in the first attack by increasing the ammo penetration.

Shirous Damage Deliverer
Shirou Is A Damage Deliverer

#5. Miguel

This old character is always one of the most reliable for melee fights in Free Fire. His skill makes him an aggressive character or he will be useless. His ability also has a cool name: Crazy Slayer. Miguel can slay all opponents in front of him.

Miguel Booyah
Miguel is a dangerous slayer and Booyah collector.

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