Right when you think you are a pro player in Free Fire, you would realize there are many features of the game that you haven't known yet. With constant updates from Garena to enhance the gaming experience, the Bermuda 2.0 map has returned to Free Fire permanently in the OB27. The map features 4 new locations, Academy, Aden's Creek, Samurai's Garden, and Nurek's Dam.

While players have the chance to experience this map in January, recently many players have found out a new mystery feature on the map, a mysterious bottle on the shore of Aden's Creek. What is this mysterious bottle in Free Fire? Let's find out below with GuruGamer.com!

Aden Creek
Aden's Creek is a new peaceful fishing village in the southwest of the island.

Free Fire Mysterious Bottle Bermuda 2.0

If you walk the shore of Aden's Creek, you will occasionally find Mysterious Bottles. When you get close to the bottle, a Use button will appear.

Mystery Bottle Free Fire 1
You will find bottles like these randomly in Aden's Creek.

When you tap on the button, a message will appear saying that the player, the owner of this bottle, has become your friend and you have found a treasure. You will then see a loot box icon on your minimap near your location.

Bottle Free Fire
After you use the bottle, you will see a loot box icon on the minimap.

When you go to the location, you will find a loot box with golden light. You will be able to find a lot of high-quality loot there such as Level 3 Vest, Level 3 Backpack, Level 3 Helmet, Med Kit, SVD,...

Treasure Free Fire
You will find a loot box with glowing light.
Treasure Loot Free Fire
Inside the loot box are a lot of high-quality loot.

The great thing is that there actually are several bottles on the shore of Aden's Creek, which means a bunch of loot boxes as well for a whole squad. This actually makes Aden's Creek one of the best locations in Bermuda because not many players know about this secret. You can just get all these loots for yourself here.

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