The Free Fire OB27 update has turn Wukong into one of the best characters in the game. Now, not only his skill has a shorter cooldown and longer duration, it will reset whenever you get a kill.

In this article, we will show you the top 3 weapons in Free Fire for you to combo with Wukong in the OB27 update.

1. M1887

The M1887 is one of the best shotguns in Free Fire because it can burst down the enemy really quickly. With Wukong's ability, you can turn into a bush to get close to the enemy to kill them. You can repeat this over and over again as the skill will reset itself. As long as you can make sure to hit your 2 shots then there is nothing the enemy can do about it.

M1887 In Free Fire
The M1887 can take down an enemy in seconds.

2. MP40

The MP40 is another great weapon for Wukong because of its super high rate of fire and DPS.  But you will have to get close enough to the enemy for it to be useful and Wukong's ability can do just that. The MP40 offers more versatility than the M1887 as it has more range and bullets.

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Free Fire Mp40
The MP40 is the strongest SMG in Free Fire because of its insane rate of fire

3. Vector

The Double Vector got nerfed again in the OB27 with lower accuracy and range, making it a strictly close-range weapon. It was the best weapon to go with Chrono but Chrono also got nerfed heavily in the OB27 update.

But it is no totally useless yet as Wukong can utilize this weapon perfectly thanks to his new ability.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
The Vector has been nerfed a lot over the last 2 updates, now being the new best weapon for Wukong.

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