Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world with millions of players. There are two main game modes in Free Fire, Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode. In the Battle Royale mode, 50 players drop into an abandoned island to pick up weapons and fight until there is only 1 survivor left.

Meanwhile, in Clash Squad mode, 8 players split into 2 teams and fight to get money to buy weapons and points in a smaller area. Because of the nature of the game mode, players need to use different strategies and in order to win in the Clash Squad mode. Knowing which is the best gun combination in Free Fire Clash Squad will give you a great advantage vs people who don't.

In this article, we will show all the best gun combinations in Free Fire Clash Clash.

1. Double Vector

Although the double Vector has been nerfed a little bit recently, it is still a very strong weapon combo, especially in Clash Squad, where most fights are close-range fights. Holding the double Vector will guarantee to win you most close-range fights with an overwhelmed amount of damage output.

The weakness of this combo is that you have zero way to win a mid-range or long-range fight. You will have to learn the map well in order to avoid being sniped in an open space.

double vector combo free fire
The Double Vector in Free Fire is still a very scary weapon combo in close-range fights

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2. M1014 + MP40

Both the M1014 and the MP40 are among the best weapon that can burst down enemies easily in close-range fights. They also deal pretty well with the double Vector because of their high damage and their a-little-bit-higher effective range. Having 2 weapons also allows you to switch between them in case of one them is out of ammo.

Just like the Double Vector combos, you need to take cover and get close to the enemy before picking a fight.

M1014 + MP40 gun combo free fire
Both the M1014 and the MP40 are among the best weapon that can burst down enemies easily in close-range fights

3. P90 + Woodpecker

While a lot of fights in Clash Squad are close-range fights, long-range and mid-range weapons are still viable options to punish players who are not prepared.  This combo P90 + Woodpecker allows you to take all the fights easily. The while the P90 is an SMG, it has more ammo and range than other SMG. With a high ammo count, you can even 1 vs 2 easily without having to reload.

P90 + Woodpecker gun combo free fire
This weapon combo will give you strong mid-range and long-range power

The Woodpecker is one of the few weapons in Free Fire with innate Armor Penetration. With this sniper, you don't have to aim for a headshot and you can just hit the body of the enemy a few times to take them down, which makes it much easier to use.

4. SCARL + XM8

The SCARL and the XM8 are two very popular AR in Free Fire because of their versatility. These ARs have good range, damage, and rate of fire. They also have tons of different weapons skins to boost their stats in all kinds of ways. If you are not sure which type of players you are, you can always go with this double ARs combo and they will do you a good job in almost any situation.

The SCARL and the XM8 are almost the same. The SCARL will offer more stability while the XM8 offers slightly better damage.

scar XM8 combo free fire
You can always go with this double ARs combo and they will do you a good job in almost any situation

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5. Dragunov + MP40

This is another strong weapon combo that you can use in Clash Squad. The MP40 will cover your close-range combats well with its insane damage and rate of fire. Meanwhile, your Dragunov will help you in long-range sniping should you see an enemy running far away. Like the Woodpecker, the Dragunov sniper rifle has Armor Penetration that allows you to take down an enemy with a few shots in their body, no matter what vest they are wearing.

svd mp40 combo free fire
This weapon combo is strong in close-range and long-range fights

However, with this weapon combination, you will be quite weak in mid-range fights so you need to avoid them. It is best for you to stay in a small area with good vision to snipe other players with the Dragunov. And if there is anyone trying to get close to you to take you down, you can take them down with the MP40 in close range.

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