Free Fire pro snipers can make a headshot with one tap only. However, you need a pro sensitivity setting and control layout apart from great skills and powerful weapons. Check out this pro sensitivity setting and layout for one-tap headshots in this shooting game with

Best Sensitivity Setting For SRs

Sniper players often use a long-range scope for their sniper guns, such as a 4x scope or an AWM scope. Therefore, you should focus on the sensitivity settings for the 4x scope and AWM scope to make one-tap headshots with SRs in this game. Besides, you also need a good free look sensitivity setting to spot enemies when you are moving or ambushing.

Sensitivity Setting For Snipers
Recommended Sensitivity Setting For Snipers
  • The best sensitivity level for 4x scope is about 65 - 75. It's not too low or too high for sniper players to drag the crosshair and aim quickly. Besides, adjust the sensitivity base on your phone's quality.
  • The ideal AWM scope sensitivity is about 50 - 55. AWM scope has a larger magnification than 4x scope. Therefore, you should leave the sensitivity lower so that it won't make the screen shake.
Practice In The Training Room
Practice In The Training Room
  • You should leave the free look sensitivity at 45 to make the screen stable when you look around.

Best Control Layout For Pro Snipers

The best layout for pro sniper players is a 4-finger claw layout. The fire button and aim button should be placed on two different sides of the phone screen. Pro players often increase the size of the fire and aim buttons to aim and fire rapidly.

4 Finger Claw Layout
4-Finger Claw Layout

Then, your right thumb will tap movement buttons while the left thumb will drag the joystick to control the character. Besides, put your right index finger near the aim button, and the left one near the fire button. Get ready to aim and shoot when you spot the enemies.

Drag The Crosshair Quickly
Open Scope, Drag The Crosshair Quickly, Aim, And Fire To Finish The Enemy With One Tap Only.

To improve the accuracy, Free Fire players can go to the training room and practice sniping skills with long-range targets. There are many moving targets for you to practice one-tap headshots.

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