Free Fire rushers often play aggressively and clear maps with their amazing skills. But rushers also need to choose a proper drop spot to get more kills. Here are some pro tips to choose the best landing spots for rushers in Free Fire from!

#1. Choose A Place With Decent Loots

Those locations often have enough supplies, weapons, and gears for your character. If you play in the solo mode, there will be a lot of spare supplies for other players. Therefore, a lot of players often land there. It's a chance to get more kills from the early stages of the match.

Land On A Good Loot Location
Land On A Good Loot Location

These places are often big towns, cities, or industrial parks. For example, Pochinok and Cape Town are good loot locations in Bermuda. Besides, you should land on Refinery, Bayfront, or Command Post. Brasilia, Mt Villa, and Marbleworks are great locations with the best loots in Purgatory.

Rush The Enemy Early
Rush The Enemy Early To Surprize Him

#2. Choose A Central Location

The flight line often crosses the center of the map. Therefore, Free Fire players tend to land in good-loot locations in the center of the island. Besides, big compounds and cities with the best loots often concentrate in the central area. Moreover, those locations are also connected by cables or big roads so that you can rush easily.

Pochinok Is An Ideal Location For Aggressive Players

For example, Foundation, Refinery, and Command Post are located closely and connected by cables. Therefore, it's very easy to rush Refinery from the two other places. In addition, Clock Tower, Pochinok, and Factory on the map Bermuda are very close to each other.

#3. Land Near The Flight Line

A lot of Free Fire players choose to land near the flight line to drop quickly and loot instantly instead of heading towards a further place on the edge of the map. It will be time-wasting. Thus, jump to land right away the plane crosses a good loot location to get supplies quickly and rush early.

Land Near The Flight Line
Land Near The Flight Line

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