Garena has overhauled the skill system of Free Fire in this OB27 update. The patch has brought many changes to the existing characters and two brand new characters, Xayne and Maro. While Xayne is a completely original character, Maro is based on an Egyptian singer named Mohamed Ramadan.

New Maro Character Free Fire
New Maro Character in Free Fire

With Maro's ability "Falcon Fervor" is a passive skill that increases damage dealt based on distance, with the maximum being 25%. Therefore, in this article, GuruGamer is going to list out the top 5 best abilities to combo with Maro.

1 - Rafael's Dead Silent

Maro's ability is more or less designed for sniper builds - the further your target is, the higher the damage bonus. This meant sniper rifles and DMRs are his weapons of choice. Rafael's Dead Silent ability works on all sniper rifles and DMRs, providing a silencing effect and cause downed enemies to lose HP 45% faster at max level.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael's Dead Silent

For example, if it takes 6 seconds for an enemy to die previously... with this ability, it only takes 4.5 seconds. With Maro's ability equipped, you might even be able to one-shot enemies with high-level helmets using sniper rifles.

2 - Shirou's Damage Delivered

Shirou's Damage Delivered would tag the enemy who shot you and the first shot against the tagged enemy would get 100% armor penetration. This synergizes pretty well with Maro's ability, as all attacks on tagged enemies deal 3.5 % more damage.

Free Fire Shirou
Shirou's Damage Delivered

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3 - Moco's Hacker's Eye

Similar to Shirou's ability, Moco's Hacker's Eye also tags enemies. All enemies hit by your weapons would be tracked for 5 seconds and during that duration, all shots get 3.5% bonus damage from Maro's ability.

Moco's Hacker Eye

4 - Kelly the Swift's Deadly Velocity

Awakened Kelly's ability lets you boost the damage of your shots after running around for a few seconds. In a sniper build, you can make use of that by running in circles to get the bonus and shot when it is activated.

Kelly The Swift in Free Fire

This stacks with Maro's ability. Your shots would get up to 40 % bonus damage in optimal condition. These are the only two abilities that outright increase damage in Free Fire.

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5 - Alok's Drop The Beat

In OB27, Alok's skill has become the strongest ability in Free Fire once again, after Chrono's shield was greatly nerfed. Drop the beat is a great addition to pretty much every build. It heals and boosts the speed of you and your teammates for a whopping 10 seconds.

Alok Free Fire
Alok in Free Fire

Above are the top 5 abilities in Free Fire to combo with Maro in the new OB27 update. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the 5 best support abilities in OB27.