Looks like Free Fire is going to add yet another classic shooter mode back into the game – the bomb squad mode. However, there would be a lot of changes in order to make the mode more competitive – it is likely that Bomb Squad would be turned into a ranked mode in time.

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The bomb squad mode is going to be added back onto the game very soon

According to the devs, Bomb Squad has received a lot of feedback on its first launch a few months ago – players liked the additional objective a lot, as they allow for more complex strategies. The weapon selection was a problem, however, as the preset limits players’ ability to mix and match based on their preferences.

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The item shop from clash squad would replace the preset equipment

Based on the above fan feedbacks, they are going to release a new and updated Bomb Squad mode in about 2 weeks, on June 13 – updating the objectives of the game to be more obvious (the bombsite would be revealed as soon as the bomb is planted), along with replacing the weapon presets system with weapon shop, similar to Clash Squad. Below is a basic guide for you to get started in this new mode.

1 - What is the Bomb Squad mode?

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The first team to win 4 rounds would be the match winner

This is the classic Defusal mode from Counter Strike, with two teams spawn randomly on the map. The team with the bomb would be the "attacker", whose job is to blow up the target location. The other team would be the "defender", whose job is to prevent the attackers from doing so. Each match consists of seven rounds - the team who wins more rounds would be the winners of the match.

2 – How to play Bomb Squad Mode?

The gameplay would be based on the team you are on – each has different objectives and strategies.


If you are on the defense team, your spawn point would be closer to the bombsite – therefore you can get to those locations first and camp. As there are two sites – you must pick between putting your whole force into one site or divide it into 2-2 or 1-3 formation. The next part of the gameplay would be rather reactionary to the enemy – you need to identify the site that the attackers are moving onto, assemble there, and stop them.

Immediately head to the bomb site if you are the defense team

If you manage to take down the bomb carrier, proceed to camp on that location and eliminate whoever tries to get there to pick up the bomb. You would win when time runs out.


If you are on the attacking team, it is a little bit trickier. While the defenders have a better position, you have the bomb – the advantage would be shifted to your side as soon as you manage to plant it.

If you are the attacking team, you would win the match as long as the bomb explodes

Going in with either a 4 - 0 or a 1 - 3 line up. If your whole team is focused on one site, try to clean all the defense campers out of it and plant the bomb. If you are going 1 – 4, that one guy would be a distraction to draw the enemy to the other site so that you can claim the location. Defend the bomb - as long as it explodes, your team would win the round, even if everyone was killed.

Overall, this mode would require a lot of team coordination - try to play with someone you know or use voice chat when playing. Interested in more of our Free Fire Guides? Please check out this post for a complete guide for the End Game of Free Fire.