The ultimate goal in every Battle Royale Game is to survive until the end of the match, and in Free Fire, it is not different. In this guide, we would explain what to do and what to avoid so that you could make it to the final phases of the match.

1 - First minutes after landing

In order to live to the end, you would need a good start and get a decent advantage over others. A proper plan is essential – immediately after landing, you should focus on the acquisition of weapons > vest > helmet > medkit.

You would need a good start in order to execute your main game plan

Afterward, it is unwise to dawdle for too long because you can get better items by killing other players. Head to the safe zone but don’t get into it – the best plan is to stay somewhere near the edge of the zone then get into it when the zone shrinks. Rushing to the center of the map is rather dangerous and could get you killed.

With your back facing the outside of the zone, you would not have to worry about enemy backstabs and can just focus on the zones in front of you.

2 - What to do when camping on the edge of the zone

Firstly, you would need to find a safe spot to hide/camp. While moving around to look for kills might sound tempting - it is actually not a good idea if you want to live until the end of the match. Be careful when firing at an enemy, as you might reveal your position unnecessarily. Only do that if you are sure you could finish them reliably.

If the enemy is too far away, hold your fire

After taking down one player, it might be a good idea to change your current camping spot, as people nearby might detect your location based on the sound of the engagement. Try to avoid staying in the open while moving around.

3 - When there are 5-10 enemies left on the match

At this phase, it is time to be aggressive and shot at anyone who gets into your sight. With the battle zone reduced significantly, you would have to monitor the zone much more carefully. Most enemies would be close enough for you to attack as soon as they appear.

In later phases, you can begin to play aggressively - shoot everything that comes into your sight

March to the zone 15-20 seconds before the end of the countdown. You would be able to catch the panicked players who try to escape earlier. If you have any grenades left, this might be the time to use them - with the cramped space available, enemies would be pushed out of their cover into your attacks.

4 - The final moments

When there are only about 3-5 people left, the play area would be reduced to the size of a minimap. At this phase, you would need to keep a cool head. Throw any grenades you have left and be patience - only move if your location is known. Open fire on anyone gets into your sight - try to be the one to shoot first.

In the final circle, the most important thing is to keep a cool head

Ignore the items left behind by people - they are just distractions that could get you killed. Try to get into covers that protect your back and sideways - don't let the enemies backstab you. If you manage to kill one person, the other enemies might come to look for you - just sit still and wait for them.

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