Purgatory, the second map ever released in Garena Free Fire, has been removed from the game temporarily for a few months. However, based on the information we have gathered about the next OB22 update on June 3, the map is going to be added back into the game. Apparently, players miss its slower pace – only the Classic mode would be added back for the time being – the rush hour version is still in the works. In this short guide, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks for Free Fire Purgatory Map and where to land and loot on the island.

free fire purgatory map 2020
Free Fire Purgatory Map 2020: The hilly map was divided into three parts by the river

1 – Free Fire Purgatory Map: General information about the island

Purgatory is available to players as soon as they hit level 5. The island has deep valleys, a very high mountain to the north and a river that split the whole play area into three parts. This creates a lot of ambush spots on bridges and crossing points. If you land on the outer island, prepare to face ambushes while passing these points.

free fire purgatory map download
Free Fire purgatory map download: The map is going to be back pretty soon, on the OB22 update

Due to the mountainous terrains, getting the high ground would be essential on Purgatory, along with your ability to snipe at a longer range. To move around on this map, in addition to the usual vehicles, you can use the zip line system (the steel cables suspended on many places all over the island). They are very reliable for moving around due to their speed – they can’t be intercepted like a vehicle. You can drop down from the zip line whenever you want – if the spot is too high up, your character would take fall damage.

free fire purgatory map 2020
Free Fire Purgatory Map 2020: The heatmap of Purgatory

The map was inspired by the South America region, especially Brazil, with its twisting river and dense jungle + mountain. It rather makes sense, as that country is one of the most popular regions of Free Fire.

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2 – Free Fire Purgatory Map: Best loot spots on the map


The giant quarry is a decent loot/landing spot for survival style player – it is relatively remote, and the area is littered with covers like cranes, containers, boulders and ramps. Both the top and bottom of the place are filled with loot, especially the containers and pillboxes on the top. Think carefully before jumping down, as you might be ambushed while getting up. At the northeast side of the quarry, there usually is a spawned vehicle.

free fire purgatory map 2020
Free Fire purgatory map 2020: Be careful when visiting the Quarry

Ski Lodge

The east side’s Ski lodge is another great spot for survival style player. The area is relatively easy to navigate and open, with an entrance leading to simple divisions and lockers. The loot can be found scattered around on the ground – the open field is an advantage, as you would be able to look around and scout for enemies. On the right die, off the runway is a vehicle that you can use to leave the site using the main road after completed looting.

free fire purgatory map download
Free Fire purgatory map download: The ground outside of Ski lodge is filled with loot

Trailer Park (Caravan Park)

The old caravan park on the far north of the map is a great place to land and start looting. The place is on the shore of a small lake, with caravan and houses scattered around, each contains a decent amount of loot. To avoid ambushes when entering the park, it is best to use the hills surrounded it on the south and east side – you would need to look out for hostiles before entering. Check out the house on the valley east of the park first – there should be a high tier item in that location.

There is a smaller park on the west side of the caravan as well – it is also work checking out. To move away from this place, take the nearby zipline or the vehicle at the gate.


One of the most unique locations on the Purgatory map – the moathouse is a super hot spot with high quality weapon that rush style players often gathered. The loot is definitely worth the fight, of course. If possible, you should try to land on the upper level of the house or on the upper floors of the smaller house on the left side to get the loot faster and gain an edge in the upcoming fight.

free fire purgatory map 2020
Free Fire purgatory map 2020: The moathouse is the most attractive location to land on the map

The best way to escape the place is to use the zip line – but you can try swimming or using the bridges if you can take the risk. The lake is surrounded by hills, so don’t stand in the open for too long or you would get shot by snipers.

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Central is a great spot for rush style player, as this village lies smack right in the center of the map. In the two-story houses in the center you can find decent weapons and gear. However, you must be very careful when exploring this location, as enemies could come out from every corner, especially the roof. To escape from this location, you can try to get to the two zip lines nearby or find a vehicle.

free fire old purgatory map
Free Fire old purgatory map: Central is one of the best locations on the map


The main town of the map, carrying the same name as the capital of Brazil – this is probably the most contested location on Purgatory, with hordes upon hordes of players landing here to clear out its wealth. The riverbank is probably the most dangerous spot to be in, as there’s no cover at that location. Nothing much can be advised when landing on this area – the only thing you must do is get a gun and try to survive and reach the nearest zipline.

Free Fire old purgatory map
Free Fire old purgatory map: Brasilia is the biggest and most dangerous town on the map

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