Free Fire has been getting more and more popular in India, claiming the second spot just after PUBG Mobile in the mobile gaming market. The reason behind their massive growth is probably its frequent updates. Amongst every patch released this year, the Kalahari update is probably the biggest, with a brand new map added.

Free Fire Kalahari Map En 6
The play area of Kalahari is quite small

In this guide, we would go through some of the best places to loot in the Kalahari desert and the general strategy to get out of it alive. Before that, however, let’s go through some of the general characteristics of the Kalahari map and what set it apart from the other maps in Free Fire:

  • Kalahari is smaller than the other classic maps – matches would not last for too long.
  • More levels of terrain compared to Bermuda and Purgatory, enforcing 3 dimensions combat. Higher drops and fall damage need to be considered as well.
  • More shelters and covers so that “spray” players would have a harder time. Camping would take more strategic planning now.

Now, without further ado, let's dive into the main topic: the hottest looting places on Kalahari.

1 – Refinery

The Refinery is probably the best vantage point on the map - suitable for both rushing and camping

The oil drill platform in the middle of the desert is one of the most popular places that people often land on – for a good reason. Both rushers and campers could make use of it, as there are a lot of weapons and ammo scattered all over the place – while the platform itself is on the high ground. Prepare for some close quarter combat after landing – as people would be on your back pretty soon. Use the zipline nearby if you want to get down to the ground.

2 – Command Post

The command post has a lot of covers - prepare for close quarters actions when infiltrating

Another crowded place – only land here if you are prepared for some early fights immediately after hitting the ground. While there is plenty of loot scatter all over the place inside the tents and houses, the Command Post is known for its heavy weapon drop and armor kit drop. Unlike Refinery, this is not a good place for campers to land.

3 – The Sub

Who would have thought a submarine would be a good addition to a desert themed map? Apparently, Free Fire devs believe that to be a good idea. Overall, there is a decent amount of resources scattered all around the ship and especially on top of it. Both Rushers and Campers would love this place – with the great elevation, you could stay on top of it for quite a while to snipe at everything that moves.

Try the top of the sub for a decent camping spot 

Be careful when jumping, however – you would fall to your death with a missed jump.

4 – Santa Catarina

There's a hiding spot inside the ship, under the captain's cabin

Another beautiful town with a wrecked ship next to it – Santa Catarina is a generic loot spot that can serve very well in the earlier stages of the game. Due to the size of the town, it is likely that you would not be able to clear them all out in a short time, so just focus on important locations like the wrecked ship first.

5 – Stone Ridge

The spawn rate for weapons in Stone ridge's buildings is pretty high

Stone Ridge is a great place to land if you are up for some chaotic action and early faceoffs – you can usually join a fight immediately by climbing up the stairs. If you got out of the area alive, camping for players from the nearby command post is a viable option as well.

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