Garena Free Fire is currently getting more and more popular in both India and the world, with an ever increasing download count. Many Free Fire tournaments have been organized recently in order to build up the esports ecosystem of the game… However, the higher benefit and prestige that come with the pro scene have pushed quite a few people into hacking.

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Garena is bringing out the ban hammer for all the cheaters

The recent scandal about team Entity and TSG Army using hacks in tournament speaks volumes about how secure Free Fire is against hackers. People are not safe against cheats even in the highest level of competition - and this needs to be changed immediately. There are a lot of hack types, some easy to spot, some subtle - you can probably detect when a person uses headshot hack, speed hack or wall hack, but when it is something like no recoil hack, you are out of luck. Something like a modified APK can also be used as well - with special parameters that provide subtle unfair advantages.

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There are just too many types of hack

The pro players that were caught using the final variant, the modded APK, they tripped the anti cheat system and was banned from Free Fire tournaments with all their earnings forfeit. Sadly, this did not defer anyone, as immediately afterward another team named Bandra 50 was caught using the same thing. Needless to say these are probably not the only hackers in the tournament - they are the only ones caught.

The cheaters were dealt with swiftly... however, they are not the only ones

Facing these types of hacks and cheats, fans are campaigning for a new, stronger external anti-cheat, similar to what PUBG Mobile used for their tournaments.

Free Fire's new hacker report form - which is much more detailed than the usual report feature

On Garena's side... well, they haven't managed to do anything much, except for the extremely harsh punishments for hacking and a new external form for submitting hack reports. This would take manual actions from the player themselves - not something people can be bothered to do. In addition to account ban, devices are also getting banned as well - so that hackers would not be able to use the same device to play Free Fire ever again. The record number for players banned in one week is 72818.

Overall, for normal players like us, the best way to avoid hacks is to get to high tiers, as hackers often get banned and have to go through from the beginning again. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for a guide for the Bermuda map.