If you are a fan of even faster paced gameplay, Free Fire's Rush Hour mode is probably your best bet. The rules are the same as the normal mode, but everything else is different. The action would take place in a much smaller zone, in which twenty players would fight each other in a mini battle royale.

free fire rush hour
Free Fire Rush Hour: The game would be held in an extremely small part on the map

Due to the much smaller size of the map, Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay is way shorter. It rewards an aggressive playstyle and initiative – you would get a lot of points when killing people. With high rewards come great risks, however – you might find yourself getting sent back to the lobby more often. In this guide below, we would list out some of the most useful tips and tricks for Rush Hour mode.

1 – Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Don’t rush when looting

A lot of players trying out this mode take the “Rushing” approach to the extreme and begin to hunt for the kill right after the game begin. This is not a good thing to do, as without a good weapon or numerical advantage, it would be pretty hard to take a crack at your enemy. While this style has some merits, as your opponents might not have weapons as well, but everything would come down to luck in that case.

garena free fire rush hour gameplay
Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: The danger zone would be closing in as usual in this mode

Spend some time to gather at least a basic kit such as a vest and helmet before progressing further. Play aggressively when needed – but know when to retreat. If your health is low, prioritize healing yourself instead of chasing or engaging. If the zone closing in while you are fighting, it is best to abandon the fight and try to stay alive – immediately head to the nearest safe site.

2 – Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Pick the best weapons for the job

Rush Hour Gameplay is pretty fast – you might not want to carry a sniper rifle and slowly trying to catch your opponent off guard while playing this mode. Choose some weapon that can take initiative in combat such as an AR or SMG – and end the fight as fast as possible. Sticking around for too long would increase your chances of getting taken down by your enemies.

Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay
Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Overall, AR is still the best if you are sniping from afar and not rushing

The weapon you got would define your playstyle. If you found something like an SMG or an MP40 for example, your best bet would be going in close quarter and spray – as these guns have an advantage in close range combat. The shotguns are not a bad pick as well – they can deal somewhat reliable damage as long as you know what you are doing. Be careful because these are pretty much close range sniper rifle – you might die if you miss and have to reload. ARs with high fire rates can serve in this role as well – take the AK 47 for example.

The sniper rifle is not entirely useless in this mode - its scope can be used as a scouting tool so that you can snipe with your other weapons. Just be careful of getting rushed when using it.

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3 – Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: How to ambush your enemies

The other playstyle you could employ in this mode is “ambushing”, in which you would try to use your enemies’ aggressiveness against them. This strategy requires fewer gears, but you would need to be an expert in fast and close range fights. Avoid open areas and just lurk inside buildings and corners to wait for an enemy to pass.

Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay
Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Prioritize dropping on top of buildings to get fast access to loot and ambush spots

After a while, you can just get a new gun and switch into the normal strategy. Pick out your loot path as soon as the match start.

4 – Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Make use of your Grenades

If you are on the aggressive side and have to go against players who are trying to ambush, grenades are your best friend. These guys would often try to play hide and seek inside buildings and houses – this is when your grenades come in.

Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay
Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Use your grenade when the situation deems appropriate

Throw it inside a building to force your opponent out of their position then come rushing in. This would give you a tactical advantage in the fight – you might even be able to out damage something like a shotgun playing this way.

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5 – Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Picking the right characters for the task

Each character in Free Fire has their own unique abilities – those can further be used in conjunction with weapons and items to help you enhance your playstyle and win matches. To win in Rush Hour, there are some characters that are more useful for the job than others.

Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay
Garena Free Fire Rush Hour Gameplay: Some character combinations are pretty strong in this mode

Healing characters are probably the best in this mode. Due to the constant combat, any healing you receive would be turned directly into an advantage in a fight. These are the best abilities for a Rushing style character.

Kelly with her speed bonus can pretty much be picked at any situation – you can either use the extra movement speed to get to the loot zone faster, picking up your enemies, flanking, and more. Hayato is also pretty great as well – he can win most 1 v 1 combat with his armor-piercing ability.

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