As Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked mode is completely separated from the existing rank in Classic, all players would need to start from bronze. As the mode is pretty new, not many people would know how to play it yet. If you want to boost your rank to heroic, try your hand in Free Fire’s new Clash mode is actually a pretty good idea.

In this guide below, we would list out some of the most important tips and tricks so that you could get better in this mode.

1 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Spend your money carefully

In Clash Squad, instead of picking guns off the ground, you would have to buy them in the shop at the beginning of each round. In order to cover all your bases, it is important to calculate what your team needs before spending your money. Communicate with your team, pick a suitable weapon to compliment them, and don’t forget to carry healing, ammo and gloo.

new mode squad rank free fire
New mode squad rank free fire: Picking out which item to purchase is probably the most important part of the round

The Clash Squad Store has been updated pretty recently to provide some much-needed balance changes for the mode to become competitive. Pricings have been modified so that it would be hard for players to get both a short-range and long-range gun right off the bat. The two shotguns, XM8 and M1014 are more expensive now. The Kar98k now comes attached with a Biometric Scope.

2 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Abuse the Smoke Grenades

These Smoke grenades have replaced the Flash grenade in the shop – for a good reason. Aside from hiding everything in an area with a smoke cover, it also disables auto-aim locks. The effect lasts for 25 seconds, and during that time, you can either revive your teammates, rush/flank your enemies, or get back into the shrinking zone. Most players rely on the auto-aim lock feature so much that without it, everyone would be disoriented for a period of time. They cost $300 each.

3 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Communications are extremely important

As you would have to play in a squad, it is given that communication would be one of the biggest issues in the match. As it’s a 4 vs 4 game, everything could happen pretty fast – you would need headphones and mic in order to make the right call.

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4 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Watch out for corner ambushes and flanks

There are usually two types of players in the usual Clash Squad match: rusher and camper.

If you are a camper, hide. While there aren’t many spots in which you can hide on the map – a good cover would usually do. Stay on that spot, watch the mini-map and communicate with your teammates. Remember to move your camera around to check for enemies as well. This playstyle is rather safe and is pretty effective against enemies with a higher skill level – however, it might fall apart if they are coordinated rushers.

rank mode for clash squad in free fire
Rank mode for clash squad in free fire: ambush your enemies at an unexpected angle is the key to victory

If you are a rusher, either go with your team or solo as a flanker. This strategy would require a high degree of personal skills (if you are going solo) or good communication (if you are rushing with your team).

5 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Be careful when looting

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game and the small number of people in a squad, loot your enemies is usually not worth it. More often than not, you would expose yourself to an unfavorable position doing it.

Rank mode for clash squad in free fire
Rank mode for clash squad in free fire: Be careful when going for the loot in this mode, especially when it is out in the open

However, if you absolutely have to get those gear, make sure to look around and ask your teammate to back you up if possible.

6 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Make use of the Gloo Walls

The gloo is actually even more useful in clash squad, as the map is usually small enough that only one gloo wall could close up an area. These things have a lot of tactical functions – you can either use them to deceive opponents, giving yourself covers… and more. The few extra seconds given by it could let you get out of a dangerous position and fall back to ambush.

new mode squad rank free fire
New mode squad rank free fire: Gloo walls can be used as a makeshift cover

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7 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Pick the correct character and pet combo

The most unique aspect of Free Fire is probably unique character abilities. Everyone can get the same gun, but they usually would have a different character and pet combo. In this mode with limited resources, even some extra stats from character skills could go a long way. If you don't know what to pick, just stick to speed and healing, that combo would never go wrong.

new mode squad rank free fire
New mode squad rank free fire: Picking your favorite character + pet combo

8 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Get the high ground advantage

It is possible to get on top of various structures on the map – it is very important that you know how to use it to mount a surprise attack. People in mobile shooters usually focus on the horizontal plane much more than the vertical one. They often won't be able to see you coming.

9 – Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Mode: Teamwork is the key

It is important that you play as a team – respect your teammates and listen to them. Don’t rush solo too much, especially when your team is not there to back you up. Prioritize reviving your squadmates instead of fighting/picking up items, as the more people there are, the more chances you would have.

rank mode for clash squad in free fire
Rank mode for clash squad in free fire: Only by working in a team could you win the game

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