Free Fire Rank List – Free Fire is an action-adventure mobile game published by Garena. Since its launch on December 4, 2017, Free Fire has attracted over 450 million users thanks to exciting gameplay. Like other Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Free Fire has a rank system.

The Free Fire rank system defines the player's level of mastery. To know which is Free Fire's highest rank and which rank you should reach to be a pro, let's see the rank list below. This instruction by is going to give you more information about the rank system in Free Fire, as well as some tips to rank up fast. Let's get started!

Which Game Mode Will Have Its Own Rank System In Free Fire

The ranking is only available in Classic mode. You can only rank up when playing Classic mode which has two maps: Bermuda and Kalahari. After each match, you will have a number of points to rank up. So, if you want to rank up, you need to play Classic Mode, which game mode will have its own rank system in Free Fire 2020.

Free Fire Rank List

To play Free Fire and rank up like a pro player, you should understand the rank system. Besides, you should be aware of the landmark you should pass to reach the next rank. Here are six ranks in Free Fire from bottom to top and Free Fire rank score of each level. This article of will give you information about the Free Fire rank score list and Free Fire rank list 2020

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List Of All Free Fire Ranks

This rank list review will help you how many points you need to gather to rank up. Base on that, players can draw a good plan and have a good strategy to level up gradually in this game.


Bronze is the lowest rank in Free Fire. You can reach it right after logging in to the game because its rank points range from zero to 1000. There are three levels of Bronze rank, namely Bronze I, II, and III. After passing the highest level of Bronze rank, you reach the next rank - Silver. 


After getting Bronze III and collecting an additional 500 RPs, Free Fire players reach the Silver rank. You need to collect 1500 points to get this second title in the Free Fire rank list. And it also has three divisions (I, II, and III) you should pass to get the next rank. Once you rank up, it means you play better than previously. It's time for you to keep going and improve your performance for higher tiers in the Free Fire game.


The next rank you get after passing Silver III is Gold I. You need to master your skill and have a good strategy to reach Gold rank. In the recent update version, the ranked rating system has some changes in many ranks, including Gold. In specific, the ranked rating for the first rank of the Gold tier is 1600. Next, the points to get Gold II is 1725 (increases by 25 RP), Gold III is 1850 (increases by 50 RP), and Gold IV is 1975 (increase by 75 RP). Gold IV is the highest and last landmark of Gold rank.

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Diamond I In Free Fire


Platinum I is the next rank tier in the Free Fire rank list, which you get after collecting 2100 medals. Then you need to collect 2225 RP to reach Platinum II, 2350 RP for Platinum III, and 2475 RP for the last division of Platinum IV. Especially, you get a special reward after getting Platinum.


2600 is the ranked ratings you should collect to achieve Diamond rank. There are also four divisions in Diamond, as in Gold and Platinum. A lot of players with great skills can reach this tier of the rank list in Free Fire. If you keep playing well and do not drop in the ranking-up process, you can reach this tier before the Elite Pass close. 


Heroic is the highest rank you can achieve in Free Fire all rank list. Once you get Heroic, you will meet and compete with a lot of pro players around the world. To achieve this rank, you need to collect 3200 RPs. And only by practicing and mastering your skill, winning battles, and having an intelligent strategy, you can be one of the best players in Free Fire

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Heroic Tier Free Fire

Tips to Rank Up in Free Fire

To rank up fast in Free Fire, you need to collect as many RPs as possible. And you can earn RPs by winning games. The longer you stay in the battle, the more RPs you will get. Besides, if you kill more enemies in a battle, you can get more RPs to rank up faster. It's one of the best tips and tricks to play and level up like a pro in Free Fire.

However, if you are greedy for kills and join any combats without a strategy, you may lose. If you die too soon, no matter how many kills you get, some RPs from your total RPs will leave. So, the rule for no drop in rank is not dying too soon.

Keep in mind that Free Fire is a survival game and your mission is trying to survive as long as possible. The winner is not the player killing the most but the last man standing on the map. If you can't get Booyah, at least you should be on the top players to earn points. However, kill points also contribute to your total Free Fire rank score. Therefore, make some easy kills at the beginning of the match. It will help you gather more points to rank up faster. 

Next, to rank up faster, you should play in squad mode in which you may team up with many pro players. It means that your chance of winning and getting rewards increases. Besides, you should hide and try to live as long as possible. If you can stay long enough to in tin top, you can get several RPs and avoid the rank drop.

which game mode will have its own rank system in free fire
Survive To Rank Up

These are things you should know about the Free Fire rank list and some useful tips to rank up as a pro in Free Fire. Understanding the mechanism and have some pro tips and tricks, you can rank up as a Free Fire pro player. To update the latest game news and useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit