Free Fire, one of the most popular battle royale titles in India, is back with yet another online tournament for players. The Free Fire Battle Arena is open for all players in the Indian/South Asia server (India, Bangladesh, and Nepal), which means everyone at any skill level would be able to participate.

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This is the first online tournament that players from the whole South Asia region would be able to participate

General details

Free Fire has great plans for this year’s esports circuit in India, however, due to the coronavirus epidemic, everything has to be postponed. The online amateur FFBA tournament is something to keep Free Fire players occupied for the time being. The winners would get a part of the 300,000 diamonds prize pool, along with an in-game title – all from the safety of their homes. This would be the first Free Fire tournament that players from Bangladesh and Nepal can participate in.

There would be no upper limit for the number of players that can participate

Registration for FFBA would begin on May 21 and last until the end of May 23. Players must sign up using the Free Fire Cup, a brand-new in-game mode that can support large-scale online tournaments. Tournaments organized using the FFC system would not have any caps on the number of participants – this is a first for Free Fire India.

Tournament Format

Players would need a team of 4-5 to compete in the open qualifier stage online on May 24. Regardless of the number of participants, all matches would play out on this same day in order to filter out the top 24 teams for the league stages.

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The format of the tournament

The league stages would divide these teams into 4 brackets consisting of 6 squads each. Matches will be played from May 29 to June 5 – the top 2 from each bracket would directly qualify for the finals. The third to fifth spot in each group would participate in the playoff on June 7 for the last four spots. The finals on June 14 will be between the 12 qualified teams – they will battle it out for the grand prize of 100,000 diamonds.

Matches from the league phase and later would be broadcasted on the official Free Fire India Esports Channel on YouTube and its exclusive app, BOOYAH!.