Free Fire is growing pretty fast in India, providing gamers with an alternative choice for battle royale aside from PUBG Mobile. Many esports tournaments have been held for the game, and if you want to go pro: pushing to Heroic rank is probably your best bet.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Free Fire Heroic Hack: How to push rank fast in Free Fire

However, doing rank push in Free Fire can be a pretty tedious task – and getting to Heroic is probably the hardest. Because of this, we have prepared some of our Free Fire Heroic tips in order to aid you in your road to pro tier without much hassle.

1 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Run and Gun

Going prone is a very popular thing to do in battle royales, and Free Fire is not an exception. Lying down would make you much harder to be shot at, as your profile would be smaller and disguised into the surrounding flora. Its weakness is that your mobility would be reduced greatly – it would take some time to get up from the position.

Free Fire Heroic Points
Free Fire Heroic Points: Going Prone is super useful in a fight or ambush - your profile would be smaller and enemies would have a harder time hitting you

However, if you press the 2 buttons Run and Gun at the same time, your player character would stand up immediately and begin to run. This is super useful as you would escape if your position is exposed… or chasing a running enemy. Being able to alternate between stand, crouch and prone is super useful in ranked matches.

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2 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Stay near the edge of the zone

In ranked mode, the shrink zone would actually be your biggest enemy, as if would force you out of position and into enemy clutches… if you don’t know how to play around it, of course.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Free Fire Heroic Hack: Camping in buildings on the edge of the safe zone is probably the best position you could get

To take advantage of the zone, the best thing to do is to stay near the edge of it. In doing so, you would eliminate like half of the possible angle for enemy attack. This is pretty much the opposite of staying in the middle, as you would have to take care of all directions and being nervous all the time.

This also gives you a tactical advantage on people who are retreating into the safe zone – most of the time, you should be able to pick them off as they would probably be more concerned about getting inside than shooting you. Prepare to move away yourself when the zone is about to shrink further, however.

3 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Improve your aim by practicing the Sniper Rifle

If you want to improve your aiming ability in the game, the best and fastest way to do it is practicing with any Sniper Rifles, preferably the Kar98k, as you would be using it the most. It might be pretty hard at first – but in the long run, it would be super useful. This is probably because you can still get kills spraying other guns while holding aim. The sniper rifles don’t work like that – its every shot count. You would have to pay much more attention to your aim – best to make it a habit.

Free Fire Heroic Points
Free Fire Heroic Points: Vehicles can be pretty useful in order to get around and head to a safe zone. You can also use them as covers

4 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Keep your Close Range weapon in the Primary Slot

In higher skill level, it might be better to keep a close-range weapon on you at all times – and Free Fire’s shotguns are not as useless as its PUBG Mobile equivalent. A shotgun or SMG would definitely serve best as your backup if any enemy pop out suddenly – keeping them on the top slot would help you switch from something like a grenade or secondary much faster.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Free Fire Heroic Hack: A shotgun could be pretty good as a backup weapon in Free Fire

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5 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Do not “Jumpshoot”

One common mistake that a lot of people make when fighting in close/medium range is jumping while shooting (a.k.a jumpshoot). Most of the time, this would ruin your aim and make it easier for your opponents to kill you, as their guns are going to recoil upward. When you are in the air, you would also not be able to change your position very effectively – provide even more time for enemies to shoot.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Free Fire Heroic Points: Jumpshoot is the worst thing you could do - just stand still or move slowly around while shooting

6 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Aim upwards when spraying for headshots

While you might get an impulse to pull down while spraying, as your gun would automatically going up due to the recoil, it might be best to stop for a short moment and aim upward instead. This would increase your chance for a fast headshot, as body shots alone are really unreliable. This would also depend on the gun you are using – a low recoil gun like the M416 would be perfect for this style.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Free Fire Heroic Hack: it is best to wear simple clothes when pushing rank so that you would be able to blend into the environment

7 - Free Fire Heroic Tips: Stick with solo vs solo mode in order to push your rank

If you are trying to get to heroic, it is a bad idea to do anything else than playing solo games, as in squad mode you have to learn a lot more additional strategies about how to work as a team – and even after that, your teammate would still be able to let you down. Just go solo for an easier time getting kills and prevent unnecessary risks.

Free Fire Heroic Points
Free Fire Heroic Points: Don't drop into places with too many people

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