Kalahari is the newest map of Free Fire - and a lot of people haven't been able to figure it out yet. In order to win in a battle royale, knowing the map is the key. In this guide, we would list out some of the most important secret locations on the map that you could definitely use to get a leg up over your opponents. Most of these locations are vantage points - as players usually would ignore all vertical angles and just focus on the ground. This is a critical weakness of battle royale players.

Free Fire Kalahari Map En 6
The Kalahari map is distinctly designed - it is much different than its PUBG Mobile counterpart, Miramar

1 – The top of the Submarine

The sub is one of the best-looking locations on Kalahari, both gameplay-wise and aesthetically-wise, as it is a submarine lying in the middle of a desert, which is something that’s not supposed to happen. The place is on the south side of the map, on a fairly hot drop zone, with decent loot scatter all over. You would have to be careful when going on the offensive here, as there isn’t much cover – if someone reached the top of the place before you, they would be able to target everyone without much trouble.

A Submarine stranded on land is super weird - looks like this map was supposed to be undersea

The secret location we were talking about is the top of the sub – it is not that hard to get to if you are slightly competent with your jumping. Once you are there, you can begin to go prone and snipe everything that comes near your location.

2 – The top of the giant skeleton in mammoth

You would have to climb on top of it to get the advantage

This is probably the weirdest looking site on the map, with a giant skeleton that doesn’t belong to any real animal hanging next to a hill. This location lies in the southwest corner of the map – it won’t get too much traffic. You would have to climb onto the top of the hill nearby and jump to the spine of the skeleton. From there, you would get a decent vantage point over everything nearby. Defending the location is pretty easy, as there is only one way to get to it.

Mammoth 1
The unusual bones of a giant creature

3 – Top of the council hall



The council hall is the rock structure on the northeast of the map – it is decently popular due to the great quality of loot that can be found there. In this place, with a bit of jumping, you can get on to the top platform of which the stairs were broken. Once you are up there, it is probably time to set up a camp for unsuspecting targets. Lying prone is the ambush position of choice here, as the opponents would have literally no way to detect you from the lower ground.

The top floor of the council hall is super hard to notice

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4 – The crevice on the mountain next to the Refinery


From the top of the site, you can drop down a little to reach the ridge on the side of the mountain. While you are there, you would be able to hide between the pillars of the building, sniping the unsuspecting targets down below.



5 - The top of any palm tree on the map

Those are actually a pretty decent place to hide, however, the only way to get there is to use a catapult. It is rather hard to stay there, as everything around you is covered by leaves - you would not be able to see enemies coming. These spots more or less serve as a hiding location so that you could jump down and ambush your opponents.


It is really hard to see on top of the tree

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