According to reliable sources, Rockstar’s most famous title, Grand Theft Auto 5, is going to be given away for free on Epic Games Store, starting on Thursday, May 14. While Epic Games often run these “free game giveaways” like this, the games that were given are usually lesser-known titles – something big like GTA 5 being free is pretty much unthinkable.

The "Mystery game" would be unlocked in a few hours

The offer would probably run for the same duration as the usual giveaway: It would last for 1 week, until May 21. The version that Epic is going to give away is actually the Premium Edition that includes access to GTA Online and a lot of extra game content. You would now be able to access the official server for the game and roleplaying all you want. Epic has been gearing themselves up for this reveal – the game was hidden rather than just out in the open like normal.

The mysterious announcement tweet from Epic Games Store's official Twitter Account

Once the game is added to your library, you would be able to keep it forever. Epic must have paid a lot of money for this. Despite released 8 years ago, GTA V is still super popular, with millions of copies sold per year, due to the popularity of its multiplayer component, GTA Online. With this free giveaway, people who haven’t tried GTA:O would probably do it, giving Rockstar even more money from Shark Card (in-game money). Just be wary of hackers - you can get banned pretty fast if you are not careful. The system of Rockstar is pretty unfair that way.

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