GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the new generation, but so far no official information has been released by the producer Rockstar. Release date, gameplay, consoles and the game's plot are still a mystery. But in this article, we will try to uncover as much of that as we can.

Because of this, fans of the franchise can only get an idea of ​​how the game will be through the rumors and leaks that appear on the Internet. In the last few months, a lot of information has given us an indication of what we can expect from the sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto.

Some news points to a game that arrives smaller at the beginning, with new content released through later updates. There are also rumors that the Vice City scenario may return to the franchise and there is still speculation that Sony's new console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), has a month-long exclusivity over its competitors. Read about the five recent facts on GTA 6 below.

1. Possible GTA 6 release date

The rumors surrounding the day of the release of GTA 6 are, to say the least, conflicting. In mid-April, the Kotaku website revealed that the next game in the franchise is still at the beginning of development, amid several internal changes that are taking place within Rockstar. Therefore, it is unlikely to be released later this year.

Reddit Post Claims GTA 6 will be Announced in Fall 2020 | Technobezz
Contrasting rumors either say GTA 6 is further in the works or only at the beginning

On the other hand, this week, the French website Rockstar Mag claimed to have received internal information that the pre-production of GTA 6 began in 2014 and that the plot is already finalized, which suggests that the game's development is at an advanced stage. In view of the news that GTA 6 will have less content at launch, it is speculated that the game may be released sooner than imagined.

2. Smaller size at launch

One of the internal changes being made at Rockstar has changed the way of its new titles are made. Shortly before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, there were complaints from employees who were working up to 100 hours a week to finish the game.

Race track in GTA 5 could indicate the presence of Vice City in GTA 6 - Photo: Reproduction / Eurogamer
Some fans see all kinds of patterns that indicate Rockstar hinting at their next game

With the negative repercussions, Rockstar decided to change its policy of launching massive titles at once. According to the leaks, the idea now is to have a game with less content at launch and to make updates available from time to time. Thus, the game will prolong its replay factor, and employees will be able to work without compromising their health.

Despite this, it remains to be seen whether these updates will come in the form of paid DLCs or whether they will be free additions. In view of the success of the online mode of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, the microtransaction model should be Rockstar's way out so as not to overcharge for new content.

3. Returning to Vice City

Many fans bet that the city of Vice City will make its return in GTA 6. There is even a rumored title for the new game: GTA VI (CE). One hypothesis that recently emerged was that of a possible GTA 6 map found in a GTA 5 Online DLC. In the image, which reproduces the eastern part of the USA and Mexico, it is possible to see in highlight the state of Florida, a region that served as the base for Vice City.

GTA 6 Rumors, Leak - GTA 6 Release Date, Is GTA 6 Returning to ...
The return to Vice City seems present in many rumors

In addition, an image taken from Max Payne 3, another Rockstar title released in 2013, would also point to Vice City as the supposed scenario for GTA 6. In it, you can see six dates (which would mention the release date) and six maps. Following the sequence of Rockstar releases, we would have Liberty City in GTA 4, Alamo Sea in GTA 5 and Vice City in GTA 6.

Max Payne 3's Easter egg anticipates maps of future Rockstar games - Photo: Playback / Reddit
There are even supposed hints in Max Payne 3 from all the way back in 2013

On the other hand, there are rumors that the next GTA may take place in more than one city, with the possibility of taking a plane to go from one region to another. These places would not be restricted only to the USA: it would also be possible to carry out missions in London, Tokyo, Mexico and even in Rio de Janeiro, as some rumors have already pointed out.

4. Plot that stretches decades

A clue to the plot of GTA 6 appeared on the Rockstar website itself. On the job page, there was a vacancy for a stylist with an observation: candidates should have “a keen knowledge of how fabrics and materials age and degrade over time”.

Fans of the franchise interpreted the job description as a suggestion that the next GTA should take place over a period of several years - or even decades - with characters and objects suffering the natural consequences of time. This possibility would fit with other rumors that point out that the game can take place between the 80s and 90s.

5. PS5 exclusivity

At the end of 2019, rumors emerged that GTA 6 would be temporarily exclusive to Sony's new console, PlayStation 5. According to the rumor, the Japanese giant would pay a large sum of money to have at least a month of exclusivity on Xbox Series X and PC.

The information came out on the TweakTown website, based on an anonymous post on the Pastebin website. In the same text were also the technical specifications of the PS5, revealed only in March 2020.

If the rumor is true, it would not be the first time that a Sony console would receive a GTA franchise game before the competition. During the 128-bit generation, both GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas were first released on PS2 before being ported to Xbox and PC.

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