After the incredible successes obtained by GTA V, it is expected that Rockstar Games has been preparing the next installment of the saga, GTA 6, for a while. GTA 6 launch date is something all GTA fans want to know to be able to get their hands on a title as soon as possible that promises to give us hours and hours of fun.

Any information that can point to a GTA 6 release date is always welcoming. Today, the fifth installment of the GTA saga sells more than Red Dead Redemption 2, the new title from Rockstar Games.

GTA V came out more than 5 years ago, and still continues to generate more in-game sales than RDR2 itself. As if this were not enough, in January this year, GTA V was the fourth best-selling game on consoles, while RDR2 obtained eighth place.

With all this information on the table, it seems that the fifth installment of the GTA saga still has life. The popularity of GTA V indicates that Grand Theft Auto 6 launch date is extremely anticipated.

GTA 6 launch date (1/6)

What do we know about GTA 6 from GTA V? How much does GTA 6 cost?

As already noted, there have been players who are looking for highs and lows in GTA V and its multiplayer GTA Online counterpart in hopes that Rockstar has left them some clues.

gta 6 launch date
Rumors suggest the next game could take us back to Vice City

One of the most recent discoveries came through an in-game ad offering citizens of Los Santos the opportunity to earn "six figures" by flying to and from South America. Of course, it's an obvious joke about becoming a drug dealer, but developers have made similar jokes before with GTA IV.

As part of the GTA Online Diamond Heist update, fans also thought they might have figured out a possible GTA 6 release date 2020, most likely in October. As for the cost of the game, it is still too early to know the price of the game, but online retailers have been known to leak prices before, so stay tuned.

Is GTA 6 coming out? If so, when?

Normally, there has been a difference of 5 years between each game in the GTA saga. However, with GTA 6 this chain has been broken, as GTA 6 launch date should have come last year. Some rumors suggest that the game will not come out until the next generation of consoles, so at least we will have to wait until the end of next year. Information about GTA 6 releasing date in India is even more difficult to find.

Rumors about the game map have long varied. London was first rumored as the city the game would take place in, but other sources point to a return to Vice City, a union of Vice City with somewhere in South America and even the entire United States.

This latest rumor sounds absurd, but considering that many rumors point to the next generation of consoles due to the memory limitations of the current ones, we could find ourselves with the largest GTA to date.

GTA 6 launch date (2/6)

Possible protagonists of the next GTA

Much has been said about the possible protagonists of the next installment of GTA. Some rumors suggest that the next title in the saga would star a woman, although so far nothing has been confirmed. Other rumors point to a possible campaign mode with team missions, although for now we are still waiting for confirmation.

Rumors about the possible acquisition of Take-Two Interactive Software by Sony have been quickly shut down by Sony itself, as a representative of the brand already commented at the time that "we have no plans to carry out that operation." As has already happened with RDR2, we will probably see the game first on Xbox and PlayStation, to be ported later to PC.

GTA 6 launch date delayed?

While November 2020 seems to be the earliest we can see GTA 6 release date, rumors suggest that we may have to wait much longer before we can get the game on our hands. According to numerous stock analyst reports, Rockstar Games will not be releasing a GTA V sequel for at least a few years. Let's hope GTA 6 release date in India would not be badly affected by this.

Some predict we won't see GTA 6 launch date until 2022, two years after the proposed launch date in November, with Rockstar possibly choosing to fill the gap with smaller franchises like Bully or Max Payne.

Rockstar also released a list of jobs for an 'Environmental Artist' in July 2019, hinting at the potential for the title to come earlier in its development cycle than some might have anticipated, and reinforces the claims that some made in the same month.

GTA 6 launch date (3/6)

What city will GTA 6 be in?

The location of the GTA 6 map has been a point of contention for fans in recent months. London was thought to be a possible candidate, but recent leaks and rumors have weakened this theory.

gta 6 launch date
The leaked graphics are already extremely life-like with a clear GTA 6 launch date

The locations of the GTA 6 maps vary from the mentioned London, to a new version of Los Angeles and Miami, to a new location like Chicago. The next most popular theory for a destination is that GTA will finally return to Vice City, the franchise takeover in South Florida, for the first time since 2002.

However, this rumor comes with a twist, as many fans have suggested that there might be a travel element between Vice City and somewhere in South America. If this is the case, the open world without loading screens that we saw in GTA V can be difficult to replicate. The leak also claimed that the game would take place in the 1970s or 1990s, although some have dismissed this rumor as false.

Of course, there is also a rumor that Rockstar plans to recreate the entirety of the United States. Usually, we'd say this is nothing more than crazy speculation, but GTA developers have never been able to back away from a challenge!

A rumor has hinted that GTA 6 will be made up of previous Grand Theft Auto locations to create America. With all the information available today, and the fact that GTA 6 is rumored to only appear on next-gen consoles due to memory limitations, it's not crazy to think GTA 6 can be comprised of several past Grand Theft Auto locations.

GTA 6 launch date (4/6)

What will be the history of GTA 6? Who are the characters?

There is a lot of speculation about whether there will be a main character or multiple characters as we saw in GTA V, but a Daily Star rumor states that Rockstar could do something they have never done before and introduce a leading female character in GTA 6.

gta 6 release date
The graphics of the "leaked" screenshots are often blurry like this to show authenticity

An alleged leak suggests that the game will follow a low-level drug dealer named Ricardo, and his journey to become a drug trafficker in Vice City, but of course, this has not been confirmed and its validity is unknown.

Another rumor, reported by TechnoBezz, suggests that Rockstar could walk away from the Co-Op campaign and instead switch to Team Campaign missions, which could bring a new competitive gameplay element to story mode in GTA 6. However, it remains to be seen whether that will be included or not.

Has there been any leak on GTA 6?

Information on GTA 6 is sparse on the ground, but a Reddit user who claimed to have friends working for Kotaku, PC Gamer, and Rockstar posted a list of alleged leaks about the title, though none of them can really be verified for its accuracy.

Along with the news that it will take place in Vice City and an unnamed version of Rio De Janeiro, the filter suggests it has been largely inspired by Netflix's Narcos series, and will feature major weather elements like hurricanes and floods.

Another leak from an anonymous Reddit user on August 13 almost seems overly detailed, with the Reddit post explaining how GTA 6 will go international and that "the game will start in the 1970s in Liberty City while playing at a low level."

According to the source, the campaign will include three acts: the prologue (set in 1978), the main story (set in 1980) and the epilogue (set today). If this holds, this will have huge implications for how you will interact and communicate in the game.

GTA 6 launch date (5/6)

More leaks around the internet

Supposedly, the first GTA 6 screenshots leaked on Reddit on September 11, and the user quickly removed the post. Like many 'screenshots' claiming to be real, the images looked blurry as if taken in a hurry.

gta 6 release date
More unclear screenshots that are supposedly from GTA 6

One of the images showed who could be the protagonist of the game, although it is difficult to see his face clearly, since it is taken from a side angle. The background is a night urban landscape, which corroborates the rumors of the Vice City environment. It looks like another picture was taken from a game movie scene and shows a police car in the rain.

A screenshot of the alleged game was also leaked, and shows what is possibly the UI and the mini map of GTA 6. There's a good chance it will launch on the new PlayStation 5 console and also on the Xbox Series X, although even that has yet to be confirmed.

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GTA 6 has been in development since at least 2017

New information suggests that Grand Theft Auto VI has been a reality for several years in the Rockstar Games offices, although neither the studio nor the publisher, Take-Two, have officially ruled on the game. On the resume of Jorge Consejo, an American voice actor, it appears that he worked on the title in 2018.

Consejo's work in GTA 6 was lending his voice to "El Mejicano" ("The Mexican"), a job that involved CGI, that is, motion capture. The actor, who has worked in numerous television, film and theater productions, has voiced for the first time in a video game with this character.

Usually, when audiovisual products that are not officially confirmed are trickled to the Internet through resumes, they take little time to erase such info from the Internet. It is not the case this time.

In fact, Consejo has gone to Twitter to explain that he cannot give more details:

"Although I read all your messages, please know that due to the conditions of the contract sometimes I cannot comment on certain projects. Please do not feel ignored or unnoticed. I appreciate and I value each one of you."

The rumors about GTA 6 have been going around the internet for years: sometimes Rockstar lets them go, and other times, denies them. But they took shape and pointed in the same direction last year, when Bibin Michael, a former 3D artist at Rockstar, said on his resume that he created vehicles for the additional content for GTA 5 and the "upcoming" GTA 6 between December 2017 and April 2018 .

GTA 6 launch date (6/6)

More hints coming from Rockstar

In early 2020, it emerged that Rockstar Games claimed £37.6 million in tax exemptions from the UK Video Game Tax Relief Fund in 2019. Investigators from Tax Watch UK pointed out that to be a candidate for those exemptions, a company must be developing a "culturally British" game, and that Rockstar had not developed any since GTA V. Hence, Tax Watch UK pointed out that this amount was related "to the production of the next installment of GTA".

In late Januar , special effects actor Tim Niff posted a motion capture session on his social media while carrying weapons like a grenade launcher. The fact that Niff had worked in Red Dead Redemption 2 and that the weapons shown resembled those of the 80s (supposedly, the decade where the new game will be developed) caused this recording to be connected to GTA 6; Niff deleted the video as soon as it started making noise on networks.

This March, one of the new circuits in GTA Online showed a map with references to Florida and Mexico, which fueled the rumors again, as other unofficial information and fan speculations take for granted that the title will make us travel between Vice City (city inspired by Miami, Florida) and various cities or countries in South America.

gta 6 release date 2020
We can only wait for official information on GTA launch date from now on

However, to have more details of GTA VI (which some call GTA VI (CE) City) from here on out may take a while. Jason Schreier, a Kotaku journalist who previously reported on working conditions in the studio, with sources at Rockstar, said last week that it will take us a while to see news of the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto or GTA 6 launch date.

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