The widespread rumor about GTA 6 was further fuelled by the notion that Rockstar is having several open positions for programmers, which led fans to believe that official news on GTA 6 would soon be revealed.

GTA 6 has been the subject of discussion for some time now and fans get their hope up for a version that compatible with the next generation gaming systems.

GTA 5 is the fastest selling gaming title in history after its release in 2013 so it is easy to understand why fans are so excited about its next version. People anticipate that the releasing day of GTA 6 would be tied with the life circle of Xbox One and PS4 as with its predecessors. However, it turns out that that guess would not come true.

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GTA 5 is the fastest selling gaming title in history

After Red Dead Redemption 2 was out, Rockstar had left its job listing untouched for some time now. So recently, when an announcement on its website about the vacant positions is revealed, fans thought that the company was preparing for its next big thing, which could probably be GTA 6.

The jobs listed include Senior Physics Programmer, Senior Graphics Programmer, Facial Animation R&D Programmer, and Senior Gameplay Programmer.

Some of the jobs’ description, which requires the would-be employees to create new and improve the graphics technologies as well as work related to next-generation graphics pipeline, which could be translated to preparation for next-generation consoles.

If what people anticipated turns out to be true and Rockstar is indeed preparing for PS5 or Xbox 2, this might end up being a massive release.

There has not been any announcement from Rockstar about its future plan after Red Dead Redemption 2 so fans are hoping for GTA 6. However, Bully 2 is another title on the list of potential prospects.

Rockstar has not revealed anything so we have nothing certain to count on just yet.