Free Fire pro tips are key elements to become a pro player in Free Fire in addition to strategy and skills. Let’s check out the best Free Fire pro tips and tricks to get more Booyah with! Thesebest pro tips for Free Fire players are shared by top Indian Free Fire players and streamers.

Crouch To Avoid Shotgun Bullet

Although shotguns cause great damage to players, these weapons can release only one bullet per shot. Then, it takes this gun a short period to reload ammo. Exploiting this disadvantage, you can avoid being knocked down by shotguns by crouching. When the enemy fires at you with a shotgun, you can crouch to avoid the bullet, then fire back at him while he is reloading ammo for the next shot.

free fire pro player tips
Crouch To Avoid Shotgun Bullets

Free Fire Pro Tips For House Attacks

One of the best Free Fire pro player tips is using grenade before rushing into houses or blocks. The explosion by the grenade causes some damage to the enemies camping insides. Then, you can rush into the house and kill him.

The next pro tip for rushing into houses is moving quietly. While moving, press the medkit button to move silently. It’s very helpful because you can make sudden attacks into the house without noticing the opponents inside the house.

pro tips in free fire
Use Grenade Before Rushing Into A House

Free Fire Pro Tips For Auto Headshot 

If you use default aim precision, sometimes the auto-aim feature in Free Fire doesn’t work like what you wish. It’s recommended that you should choose Precise on Scope feature. It lets you do headshots easily and kill enemies quickly.

Here’re four steps of auto headshot tricks that you should learn: crouch, scope zoom in, then crouch, and fire. First, you crouch to avoid bullets from the enemies and have time to touch the scope button. Then, drag the aiming point to the head of the enemy, and fire.

Free Fire Pro Tips And Tricks For Auto-Aim: Precise On Scope
Free Fire Pro Tips And Tricks For Auto-Aim: Precise On Scope

Another headshot tip is jump shot. When you jump, it’s harder for the opponents to kill you with a headshot. Moreover, it’s easier to shoot at the enemy’s head from a higher position.

Free Fire Pro Tips In Swimming

One of many secret pro tips in Free Fire that not many players know is that switching weapons make you swim faster. One survival rule in Free Fire is not staying in water because you are more vulnerable in water. You cannot use weapons underwater and may get shots from enemies. Therefore, when you need to cross the river, you should practice this tip to increase your swimming speed.

best pro tips for free fire To Swim Faster
Switch Weapons To Swim Faster

You can read more Free Fire pro tips and tricks Free Fire pro tips and tricks here.

Revive And Heal At The Same Time

It helps your squad save time and come back to combat soon. In a strain shooting game like Free Fire, time is one of the key elements for victory. If you fire sooner than the opponent team, you have more chances to win. When reviving the knocked teammate, you can use medkit and heal at the same time.

garena free fire pro tips to Revive And Heal
Revive And Heal

Free Fire Pro Tips In Looting Airdrops

To loot airdrops safely, you should create gloo walls around the airdrops. If you create a gloo wall covering one of four square corners of the airdrop, the enemies will have difficulty to shoot you. It’s because you will have the largest cover from the airdrops and a great cover from the gloo wall. Many players tend to avoid airdrops because of scaring about campers. But airdrops have lots of decent loots. With a great cover, you can take all these supplies safely and get Booyah.

free fire pro tips and tricks To Loot Airdrops
Create A Gloo Wall To Loot Airdrops

Practice In Clash Squad Every Day

Playing Clash Squad is one of the best pro tips for Free Fire. It’s a good way to practice shooting and creating a quick gloo wall in this game. Lots of pro players improve their game a lot by playing Clash Squads every day. This game mode is like a training room where you can better your skills and prepare for ranking games.

Free fire Clash Squad Mode
Practice In Clash Squad Mode

In this game mode, your squad will fight against another team. You will be revived unlimitedly until the match finishes. So, you can practice your skills a lot in this mode. Playing two to three clash squad matches every day, you will become a pro player soon.

Participate In Custom Room Matches

There are a lot of YouTubers and pro players creating custom matches every day for live-streaming or practicing. You should join in and test your level in these custom matches. There, you will meet lots of pro players or top players all over India. The competitive level is high and you can learn a lot of tips and skills from those players. So, it’s one of the best Garena Free Fire pro tips you should try to become pro soon.

Free fire tips In Custom Room
Test Your Skills In Custom Room

Hunt For Enemies In The Shrink Zone

Pro players are not afraid of taking fights in the shrink zone because they can find lots of prey to kill there. Moreover, playing near the shrink zone helps you learn how to play as a predator, make and exploit available covers, and when to engage the combat. It’s very helpful for you to improve your skills instead of evading from combat and still die as a coward.

Free Fire Pro Player Tips Hunting In Shrinking Zone
Free Fire Pro Player Tips Hunting In Shrinking Zone

Survival in Free Fire is important for ranking up, but only trying to survive doesn’t make you better. Because when your rank increases, you will match with lots of pro players. So, if you don’t improve other skills, like shooting, you will die soon.

Practice Sniping

Another way to improve your shooting skills is by practicing sniping. It helps improve your aiming skill a lot. You should play in a solo mode, take a sniper rifle gun and suitable attachments, and start practicing every day. That’s one of the best and secret Free Fire pro tips you should practice now to become pro soon.

Practice Sniping to Improve Your Aim In Solo Matches
Practice Sniping to Improve Your Aim In Solo Matches

These are the top 10 best pro tips for Free Fire players. Practicing these Free Fire pro tips every game, you will improve your skill and become pro soon. To get the latest mobile game news as well as further Free Fire pro tips and tricks, visit