The new OB20 update is currently being worked on by Garena on the advance test server. Every player can join the server and test out the latest content in the next update. Apart from testing new features, players can also earn themselves some diamonds by reporting bugs to the developer.

Kalahari Free Fire 770x433
Kalahari is the new desert map that will be coming in the next update

This update will bring Free Fire the new Kalahari map that players have been waiting for a few months. Kalahari is a desert map based on a real location in southern Africa. Players also found out that there is a new gun called "Shield Gun" in the game. Just as the name suggests, this gun has a shield on its muzzle that will reduce incoming bullet damage. This will give you a great advantage in a fight because you are far more durable than the enemy. When players are prone on the ground, they can get their whole body covered with the shield.

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The shield can protect your head and chest area while standing

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The shield of the weapon will cover your whole body if you are prone on the ground

However, this gun has a really low damage output with 10 damage on the body and 90 damage the head. The weapon has less damage than most assault rifles so it works best in close-ranged fights in the early game and late game. It also has amazing accuracy, making it the perfect weapon for beginners.

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The Shield Gun is fairly accurate, making it a great weapon for new players

Players can keep testing the update until February 7. The update is expected to come to the live server on February 12. There might be more new features to come in the update as it comes to the live server.