With the surge of players from India, Free Fire recently launched a Free Fire page on Twitter solely for Indian. Here, you can keep track of all the latest news about the game in general and all the news regarding events that target Indian players.

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Follow the official Twitter of Free Fire India to catch the latest news

Free Fire recognized the potential of the Indian market for the game lately and started to invest more in this region. The Free Fire Indian Championship 2020 is currently up and running with a huge prize pool of Rs 35 lakh. This is the first major Free Fire tournament for India this year and players were so excited that they overloaded the registration website of the tournament. The best 22 teams from the online qualification and 2 top teams from the Free Fire India Today League last year will be joining the League Stage and fight for the prize money.

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The Free Fire Indian Championship is u and running right now

Garena also just recently announced their plan for Free Fire esports in 2020. They will host 4 global tournaments around the year starting with the Free Fire Champion Cup in April in Indonesia. The Free Fire World Series will also come back this year in Brazil around December. There will be 2 more global tournaments around June and July, which will have more details in the future. The prize pool for these tournaments can rack up to $2 million (Rs 14 crore).

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There will be 4 global Free Fire tournaments this year

India is prioritized by Garena and will be having its own national qualifiers to choose the best teams in the country to contest other squads in the international stages. These qualifications rounds can have their prize pools up to Rs 1 crore.

2020 is going to be a great year for Free Fire in India as Garena pays more attention to the esports scene of the game.