After a week of teasing about their own new rap music video for Free Fire, Garena has just released it on their Official YouTube channel. The music video called "I'm on Fire," featuring BJRNCK, Awich, Krawk, and Faruz Feet. You can check out the music video below.

The video shows the struggles of the four most popular characters in the game Miguel, Moco, Antonio, and Kelly and how they have overcome it. Players will get to know more about their favorite characters and watch as they rock the stage with upbeat music.

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MOCO, a billionaire and superstar,  is the one who leads the band

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Kelly - Killa K- met MOCO and made friend with her on a talent show

"I'm on Fire" is the first rap music video ever made for Free Fire, but this is not the first time Garena made a music video for the game. Last year, with the help of DJ Alok, they created a music video with Free Fire theme based on one of Alok's songs called "Vale Vale." That music video received a great amount of positive feedback from players.

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Although Antonio is a mafia, he loves the peace that music gives him. He attends the show to get closer to MOCO

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Being an elite in SWAT doesn't stop Miguel from enjoying dancing with music

Along with the "I'm on Fire" video, Garena brings players the Trap event in the game.  All four T.R.A.P skins that appear in the video are now available in the Mystery Shop through the new T.R.A.P bundles, Alpha and Primo. You can also receive a discount of up to 90% for all items in the Mystery Shop until January 28. Try your luck and get a chance to obtain the grand prizes from the event.