Free Fire update is launching continually in the early months this year. A new game mode with the title Bomb Squad is coming soon in the OB20 update version. The addition will come to players on February 10th. Check out this Free Fire's new game mode here with

A New Game Mode Titled Bomb Squad

Free Fire players and fans are definitely excited about the new game mode coming next month, known as Bomb Squad. It was leaked by a Free Fire YouTuber from Brazil. According to the leak, the gameplay will be partially similar to the Team Deathmatch mode in CS: GO.

Pre Order Free Fire Bomb Squad
Pre Order Free Fire Bomb Squad

Launching this new game mode, Garena may aim to propel Free Fire as well as battle royale game to esports level officially. Possibly, this new squad will appear in a professional esports event in the near future.

How To Play Bomb Squad Mode?

Two squads will join the match, one is the defender and the other is the attacker. The attacker has to set an explosive bomb in the assigned spot and protect it until it explodes. Meanwhile, the defender needs to prevent the explosion. Each match has seven rounds and the winner is the one who wins more rounds. It seems to be similar to CS: GO TDM mode, but the developers will definitely make some changes.

Bomb Squad Is Coming In Ob20 Update
Bomb Squad Is Coming In OB20 Update

This game mode is not exciting but also challenging. You can use and show off different skills in this mode. Concentration, accuracy, analysis, and teamwork will be the core elements lead to the win. 

Now, Garena has not made any announcement about this game mode. But Free Fire players can probably experience it in this upcoming Free Fire update OB20. The new update is coming on February 10th, 2020. Now, just wait to see and enjoy it.