Gun King is the new game mode that was added to Free Fire yesterday, along with the Spine Punk event that would last until the end of the month. This mode would be available in-game until May 25. In this article, we would give you a short overview of the mode, along with a few tips and tricks in order to win.

Gun King would pit 8 players against each other in a fight to the death – on a very small part of Bermuda. Each player would spawn on the map with a knife and fight until the weapon upgrade pathway is completed. The target number of kills is 28 – divided into 14 weapons. After a certain number of kills, the weapon they are holding would be switched out for another. The game can also end if the timer runs out – in this case, the player with the highest number of kills would win the game - each match would last for ten minutes.

Free Fire Gun King Mode 1024x577
You would have to score more than one kill with a ranged weapon

For weaker weapons like a knife, players would only need to make one kill, while for something like an assault rifle, they would have to make three kills. This is an attempt to balance out the mode for the weaker weapons. Overall, if you failed to get kills at the beginning of the game, it would be super hard to catch up, as without a fire weapon, scoring a kill is almost impossible. Killed players would automatically respawn at a random location on the map.

Free Fire Gun King Mode 1 1024x577
The weapon upgrade pathway in Gun King mode

In order to beat this mode, you would have to be able to get the first kill in order to switch out of the knife as fast as possible. If you are killed, it is best to hide in some corner waiting for people to run into you at melee range. It is next to impossible to chase people down and kill them with a knife.

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The official announcement on Free Fire's Facebook

Another thing to be mentioned about this mode is that you would have to learn how to use the less popular guns - sometimes you would get paired with something you have never used before. It is best to practice a little with all the guns in training mode before jump into the game.

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