This is probably one of the biggest scandals ever in the Indian Free Fire Community: two players from 2 top teams in Free Fire India’s pro scene has been caught hacking. They are Ashwatma, a substitute player from Entity Gaming and Zack from TSG Army. This is a shame, as the current lineup of Entity has been dominating the game’s pro scene, winning all local tournaments for quite a while now.

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The official statement from Free Fire India

According to the official statement of Free Fire India, the two players were flagged by the anti-cheat system of the game, which results in their automatically 1-year ban. Their teams get even harsher punishments: Entity and TSG Army is going to be disqualified from the current on going Free Fire Scrim Wars tournament.

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The real Free Fire lineup of Entity Gaming - Ashwatma is only a substitute member

Any prize money won by either team would be awarded to the immediate position. It is not sure if the two players would get any extra ban on participating in tournaments.

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Entity gaming's official statement on their Facebook

This is pretty much a PR nightmare for Entity – they are the current top esports organization in India, with their PUBG Mobile division known globally to be the best in South Asia. The squad is even partnered with Team Solomid, one of the more famous North American esports powerhouse. Entity has released an official announcement to their Facebook page about the incident: they have fired and cut all ties to Ashwatma.

TSG Army is also a pretty well-known brand in the country, with a YouTube channel consists of 1.1 million subscribers. To deal with this issue, they have put out a video statement – Zack is probably going to be kicked out.

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