Free Fire’s last update, OB21, hit the live server last month – and all the events are almost over. Time for a new update – the next OB22 patch would probably be the biggest ever update for Free Fire, with the introduction of Free Fire max official, a new character named Lucas, a new mode named Gun King, and other features. In this article below, we would go through all the highlights of the patch, one by one.

1 – Free Fire Max

It is expected that the Max version of Free Fire would be released in this update. The developers have been working on this for quite a while. These two versions are different on the Play Store, however, players of both can still cross-play with each other. This is probably to avoid a split of the player base like PUBG Mobile did with Lite.

Free Fire Max New Lobby 15895147068781877762637
The Max version would have a different interface

Overall, Free Fire Max is an upgraded graphics version for top tier devices with high processing power. Max would be Android exclusive when it is released – iOS users would have to wait, unfortunately. You would need a pretty decent phone to run Free Fire Max – it is estimated to be the same level as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile’s High Graphics.

2 – A New Character named Lucas

Apparently, Lucas was originally going to be released along with Kapella on OB21 but was delayed for unknown reasons. The character is based on a Brazillian Football Player named “Lucas Silva Borges”.

Free Fire Lucas Character 15895147497352069538532
The new character Lucas is probably an attempt to sell the game in Brazil

Hat-trick is Lucas’ special ability. Every time he scores a kill, his maximum HP would increase quite a bit. His starting HP is 200 – it is not yet confirmed how much HP he would gain after each kill. If you managed to score a few kills early on, it is very easy to snowball out of control playing Lucas.

3 – New Pet

Not much is available about the new pet yet except for its silhouette. The little guy is probably a canine.

Free Fire Wolf Pet 1024x569 1589514706880749277330
The Wolf Pet would be pretty popular

4 – Gun King Mode

This is going to be a permanent addition to Free Fire. Gun King is more or less a copy of Call of Duty Mobile’s Gun Game. In this mode, 10 players would spawn in a small area with only a knife. After each kill, the weapon they are holding would be changed into a new one.

Free Fire Gun King Mode 2 1024x577 158951470688152
The Weapon upgrade path in the Gun King mode - the final two levels are the hardest, with a grenade and a bat

If you are killed by another player, you would be resurrected at a random location. The game would end after a player score 2 kills with every weapon in the mode. Overall, you would need to be versatile and able to use every weapon to win in this mode.

5 – Helicopter

Free Fire Helicopters 1589514840217754216778
Helicopters might be a part of Free Fire - It is not sure if the thing is going to appear in normal mode

Some leaks from Free Fire Brazil has mentioned about the addition of helicopters into Free Fire. This has been a trend in a lot of battle royale games, after Call of Duty Mobile’s helicopters blown the mind of everyone.

6 – Drone

Free Fire Drone 1024x577 15895147068821221257542
A scout drone would be really useful - however, it is unlikely that this feature would be included in the battle royale mode

This would also be some type of copycat update in addition to the helicopter. The drone was shown during a video about the past of Kelly – it is likely to be a part of Free Fire soon. Usually, they would be some type of scout device, reveal nearby enemies for the user.

Check out this article for a guide on how to register for the OB22 Advance Server.