In Battle Royales like Garena Free Fire, engagements more often than not would happen at medium to long range. While an Assault Rifle is useful in most situations, they can’t really beat the reliability of a Sniper Rifle at a longer range. In this guide, we would go through the basics of using a sniper rifle and some tips and tricks to become better using them.

1 - Sniping Basics

Before you can start murdering people from afar, you need to get your hand on a sniper rifle first. These weapons are quite rare – but there are some locations on the map with a higher spawn rate than others. In Bermuda, the best place to stumble upon a sniper rifle is “The Mill”. It is located on the highest point of the island – people often land here to grab the snipers then set up camps immediately. Outpost and Power Plants are great zones for camping too. On Kalahari, the spots with the highest spawn rate are the Command Post and Refinery.

Mill1 1024x546
The Mill is one of the best sniper nest on the map - those weapons spawn there very often

About Sniper attachments, they are more or less not needed, as both the Kar98k and the AWM come with a pre-attached 8x scope in Free Fire. This is an improvement over other battle royales, as more often than not you would have to find a sniper rifle scope to actually use the gun. The Silencer is not really needed, as no one is going to detect you based on your muzzle flash anyway. The muzzle is decent, as it would improve the ability to fight in long ranges of the sniper rifle even further - but it is entirely optional.

Prone2 1024x546
Going prone is a decent way to use sniper rifles - weapon recoil would be reduced

2 - How to snipe from a distance

The most important thing to notice in Free Fire is that firing is simplified - there is no bullet drop at long distance, unlike PUBG Mobile. The only thing you have to calculate is the range and how long until the bullet is going to reach the target. The key to calculating this effectively is your use of scope - do not use the 4x zoom to try to shoot at far distances. If your target is too far away and moving, aim at where they are going to go instead of their current position. If you are engaging closer targets, its best to pull out your assault rifle instead of sniping with an 8x scope.

Use the 8x scope for long-range snipe only - at close range, it is best to use your AR

Get to any vantage point that you could find to start camping for targets.

3 - How strong is a sniper rifle?

The stats vary, but due to their extreme strengths, you only need to remember this: a headshot would automatically kill everything, even with a level 3 helmet. 2 body shots would also kill as well, but sometimes it might take 3. Due to the extremely long loading process, it is better to pull out your other gun to shoot after you have hit once with a sniper rifle. Hitting a moving target a second time is super hard, especially on mobile games like Free Fire.

The two sniper rifles are more or less the same in all attributes

4 - What to do if you miss the shot?

It depends on where the target is. If they are closer than 50 meters, your position would be revealed on their minimap - it is best that you switch to your secondary and engage. If the target is farther than that, it is safe to reload for a second shot.