Every battle royale has a signature map, one that’s popular to all groups of players, both old and new – in Free Fire, its Bermuda. The map is available right from the beginning – everyone can join in, while the other map requires a slightly higher level to access. Because of this, Bermuda is filled with all types of players, both old and new.

free fire bermuda map 2020
Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020: This is pretty much the most iconic map of the game

Due to the fact that Bermuda is Free Fire’s most popular map, you have to master the location if you want to get better at the game. We would explain everything about Free Fire Bermuda Map HD and the most important tips and tricks in beating it on the article below.

1 – Free Fire Bermuda Map HD: When To Jump Off The Plane

Firstly, you would need to decide on where to jump off the initial plane. This is based on your playstyle – are you an aggressive player or a survival-style player? On the heat map below, we have highlighted the hottest spots on the map so that you could decide between them.

free fire bermuda map hd
Free Fire Bermuda Map HD: A heatmap of Bermuda that points out the most popular landing locations

3  hottest location for aggressive-style player

The Factory

This location is probably one of the hardest spots to land on, as a lot of people would like to clear out the loot in this location. The main advantages of this zone are its large quantity of weapon spawns, its small size, and its general location on the big map.

While filled to the brim with weapons, due to its small size, it is best that you try to grab something that’s strong in melee range such as a shotgun or SMGs. You can always pick up an AR from your enemies’ corpse later. After clearing out the factory, you can either camp there or moving out – it is not too far from the center of the map so you might even be part of the first few safe zones.

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Mill is the opposite of Factory – while the latter is a purely close quarter combat location, the former is mainly focused on ranged combat. If you are good at sniping, this would be one of the best places to land, with sniper rifles up for grab right from the start. It is also very open and on higher ground, the perfect combination to create a sniper nest.

Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020
Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020: The mill is the best location for snipers - if you are up for that task, land here

The weakness of this place is its relatively low amount of loot. If you are not the first one there, it is likely that someone would have already cleared it out. The sheds are the location with the most spawns.

Bimasakti Strip

This is pretty much the biggest warzone on the map. You are going to witness a brutal deathmatch every time you land on this location – sometimes you can die even before reaching the ground. However, with high risks come high rewards – if you managed to survive the first way and camp somewhere in this location, you would be able to stick around until the end of the game, as the final circle is often in this location.

Free Fire Bermuda Map HD
Free Fire Bermuda Map HD: Most matches often end at Bimasakti Strip - because of that, this location is packed

Landing locations for Survival style players

This is actually pretty easy – as there are a lot of green locations for you to pick from. Kota Tuan and Cape Town are the two best locations on the South, while Rim Nam and Outpost are best on the north part. The site that needs to be specifically mentioned is Cape Town, as it has an excellent AR spawn rate.

Free Fire Bermuda Map HD
Free Fire Bermuda Map HD: Cape town is filled with good AR spawns

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2 – Free Fire Bermuda Map HD: Top looting spots on Bermuda


Pochinok lies on the south side of the map and consists of many small compounds and buildings. Each building is a separate spawn spot – the amount of gear you could find here is pretty much unreal. You can probably gear your whole squad here. Don’t expect to find any high tier loot here, however, as the whole area are pretty much low-grade spawn points. The relatively smaller distance between buildings ensures a fast looting experience.

Mars Electric

Despite lying on the edge of the map, the sheer quality of the loot that can be found on Mars Electric made it a red zone/hot location. Top tier loot like sniper rifles could easily be found here – multiple of them, in fact, as the place is gigantic. It might take some time for you to clear out the area, however, as the gears are scattered all over the place. At least rotation from the site is pretty easy, as there are various vehicles spawned in the vicinity.

Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020
Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020: Mars has some of the best loot spawn in the game - enough for a whole squad


The shipyard is another good looting location – it has top tier gears and some of the best weapons spawns in the game. The place lies on the coast and is pretty compact – the looting process would be pretty straightforward. Just be careful of snipers that usually lurk on the top of those four cranes.

Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020
Free Fire Bermuda Map 2020: The four cranes can be good vantage spots for sniping


This location is really good if you are playing with a team. The zone is practically cut off from the main island - a team with sniper rifles would probably be able to hold for an indefinite amount of time. The only problem is that it is usually outside of the safe zone.

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