While battle royales such as Free Fire are mostly designed around playing solo, their most competitive format that is used for tournaments is squad mode. Playing in a team requires a lot of coordination and strategy, unlike working alone. Most of the time, the team with better coordination would win against the one without, in spite of their skill differences. In this guide, we would list out a few pointers so that you could be successful in Squad Mode Classic.

1 – Use headphones + microphone and be clear when calling out enemies

A good set of headphone and microphone is very important

The most important thing that you must improve when playing as a squad is your ability to communicate. A headset would enable your team to communicate with each other more easily (typing in chat would take too much time). When describing actions like calling out enemy locations, it is important to use the direction on the map so that everybody would be clear about what you are referring to.

2 – Designate a role for each member before the match

Image 8 Free Fire Kill Secured Mode
Each person need to take their own roles based on ability before landing on the map

Each person in the squad must pick out a role before a match happen. Roles usually would be based on strengths and weaknesses, along with covering what your team lacks. With people dividing the task, sharing the loot would be much faster. For example, the team’s sniper would be given the best scope found…etc.

3 – Stick together and cover each other when moving

Maxresdefault 1
Stick closely together....but not this close

Going solo pretty much defeats the point of playing squad mode… however, there are people who prefer doing it. The team needs to stay close to each other at a certain range so that one person can cover for the other while moving from cover to cover. Free Fire does not have as much foliage as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile – this aspect is even more important, as you could get attacked at any time.

4 – Make use of Smoke and Gloo Wall

Special grenades are your biggest tactical assets

It might seem obvious at first but people usually just forget to use these items when engaged. A Gloo Grenade could create a cover to protect a teammate who’s getting shot at – while the smoke can temporarily disrupt the auto-aim feature and cover the arena so that you could revive your fallen friend.

5 – Know when to engage

Firing immediately upon seeing an enemy is actually not a good idea sometimes, as in squad mode they are not alone. If the enemy has not seen you yet, it might be a good idea to wait for a little to ascertain where the other three enemies are. Don’t forget to call your team as well so that you could focus down the targets asap with concentrated fire.

Maxresdefault 3
Don't fire unless your enemy has spotted you

If you encounter two squads in a fight, it is best to wait for a little until one of them beats the other – afterward, you can swoop in and finish the rest.

6 – Flank and bait

Maxresdefault 2
Flanking/backstabbing is the best method to take your the enemy team

If your enemies are in a very advantageous position, it might be best to split up your team and attack them from multiple directions at the same time. Baiting works the same way, with you sending out one member of the team as bait so that the other three could flank the enemies from an alternate angle. The attacking player needs to have the relatively decent gears to survive the attempt – he can either attract their attention by driving around on a car, shooting wildly or throwing some frag grenades.