Free Fire has a huge character roster, and because of that, picking the correct one to purchase might be pretty difficult at first. Character skills are super important in Free Fire – you would have to pick something to compliment your team in order to climb the highly competitive Ranked mode of the game. In this article, we would list out the five characters that pro players often select and why you should purchase them first.

5 - Kelly

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Nothing beat the simple and straightforward "Movement speed buff"

Despite the huge number of characters that the developers have been adding into the game, Kelly is still one of the most common picks in both amateur and pro scenes. Her ability is pretty straightforward – Dash would increase her movement speed while sprinting by 6%. With the extra speed, traveling around the map, combat, flank, and pretty much every action would be easier.

This versatility has turned Kelly into a super versatile “must have” character. She’s also one of the cheapest as well, with the price tag of 400 diamonds or 4000 coins.

4 - Alok

Joined the top tier character list immediately after his addition to the game, Alok is probably the strongest support character currently. His healing ability “Drop the beat” increase both movement speed and HP regeneration for all allies in the 5m radius. The ability is strong in both offense and defense – you can use it to restore your HP after a fight or flank your enemies with the massive movement speed. At max level, the effect lasts for 10 seconds, the equivalent of a 50 HP heal.

Maxresdefault 1
Who would have thought a DJ would be the top healer of Free Fire

Alok is definitely worth his price tag of 600 diamonds.

3 - Paloma

Paloma has a pretty underrated skill: the ability to carry AR rounds without taking up inventory space. AR is the most popular and versatile weapon class in the game, and 9/10 players would use them in the middle to late game in Free Fire. The ability to carry all the AR ammo you want without wasting space would leave a lot of free volume for you to stock heal and grenades.

Culu Artwork Paloma Up N
Paloma's skill gives no immediate benefit and you are forced into using AR while playing her

She’s a beast in solo mode – it would be harder to use her in squad, as her ability is not team based. The price to purchase Paloma is 25000 coins or 500 diamonds.

2 - Hayato

Nothing beats raw damage… and the ability to ignore armor of other players is an indirect way of increasing them. Hayato’s Bushido skill would increase the armor penetration with each 10% Max HP he lost. The best way to use this character is to leave yourself at a low HP then snipe enemies from afar to lessen the chances for retaliation.

Playing Hayato to his maximum potential is super risky

As his ability only works when you lose at least 10% HP, the character is not something new players should be using. You need 500 diamonds to purchase Hayato.

1 - Rafael

Rafael is a pure sniper character – strong in experienced hands but otherwise would take a lot to get to maximum potential. His ability, Dead Silent, would temporarily hide his presence on the map for 8 seconds. In this period, you can snipe all you want without getting detected by enemies on the minimap. You would need a lot of investment on Rafael, as his ability has a 90 seconds cooldown on level 1.

Rafael is often overlooked, as not a lot of players are skilled enough to play exclusively as a sniper

Rafael is at the same price as Paloma, 500 diamonds or 25000 coins.

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