While the planning before landing is super important, actually being able to execute the plan is a completely separate issue. In this article, we would list out some of the most important things you should take note of while exploring buildings and gather items in Free Fire.

1 – Where to land

Try to land on the top of a building if possible

During your flight, if possible, you can land on top of a building in order to cut down the looting time as much as possible by going down from the top to the bottom of the building then switch. After that, when picking buildings to loot, try to get the one with multiple stories so that you can find more items in the shortest time.

2 – Prioritize getting weapons

Collect everything you found in the first buildings, focusing on weapons and ammunition. If there are no other players in the vicinity, calmly repeat the process until you have found a decent gear setup.

Try to get your hand on a good weapon is the first thing you must do after landing in Free Fire

The order in which you should collect items is Weapon/Ammo > Backpack > Medkit > Helmet > Vest. After all those items are acquired, you can begin to fight. However, if you haven’t got an Assault Rifle yet, it is best to keep looking for one.

3 – Scout the area

If you land on big, populous zones like Pochinok or Katulistiwa, always prepare for trouble, as other players would certainly be there – after having collected the bare minimum, you can probably begin to fight.

Buildings with multiple stories are the best - high quality loot is likely to be on the 2nd floor

However, if you are aiming for a remote location and haven’t spot anyone on your way down, it is safe to assume that you are alone. In that case, go to other buildings and try to loot some more.

If you spot enemies in your location - immediately begin to crouch. It would reduce the chances of getting detected and the sound you make.

4 – General Strategy

Always think twice before opening fire – if your weapon is not suitable for that certain range, it is best to let them go instead of firing and blow your cover. Engage if you are sure you can kill your enemy in the shortest time possible.

Enemy drops are not that valuable early on - you can even get killed for looting if you are not careful

If you have to pass an open area, its best to sprint there instead of sneak in, as it would be harder for campers to snipe you that way. Moving targets are much harder to hit.

If you manage to kill an enemy early on, it might not be worth it to try to loot his equipment, as they probably do not have much anyway. You might even get shot at when trying to get to the loot - It is best to leave the corpse as bait for other players.

The valuable supply crate is marked with a yellow beam - be careful when trying to loot it, as other people might arrive later and catch you off guard

Pay attention to the sound of airplanes in the area so that you could get the airdrops. These contain high quality equipment that would certainly help you in getting a booyah.

At this phase, you can probably stop looting now and just skip those buildings to do real game objectives. Continuously monitor the area around you and check the hiding spots.

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