The beginning of a match in Free Fire is very important – it determines where you would land, which in turn impacts your performance for the whole game and the equipment you are able to get. In this guide for the early game in Free Fire, we would focus on how to parachute effectively in Free Fire. Below are the most important details you need to focus on.

Always take note of the flight routes and the map when landing

After several seconds of warmup, you and the rest of the players would be teleported onto a plane to jump down into the map. As soon as the plane gets above hard ground, you would get an “eject” button to jump out of the plane any time you wish.

While flying, you can do a nosedive to increase the speed of your descending to the ground and land before your enemies.

If you decide to jump out early, you would be able to hit the ground before other players and get the weapons first. However, most players would do this – you would have to prepare yourself for a fight as soon as you hit the ground. People who get out early would also have easier access to vehicles.

If you decide to jump out much later, you would get a relatively peaceful start. However, your looting windows would stretch much further into the midgame – it is possible for you to encounter a fully geared player and not having anything good to defend yourself with.

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To get to a distant location, just open your parachute right away

To land at a distance, simply open your parachute immediately after you drop out of the plane. This would help you fly much further than other players and get to places that are not on the plane’s path.

Try to continuously monitor what’s happening around you, both above and below. If you do this properly, you would be able to spot hostile players who are looking to land in your vicinity. Afterward, you can either choose to confront them or modify your flying route to get to a different location.

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