Free Fire's skill system is probably the thing that separates it from other Battle Royales like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. All characters in Free Fire can equip up to 4 skills, one active and three passives.

Amongst the newly released characters in the game, Skyler is one of the best and easiest to use. In this article, GuruGamer would list out the top 3 skill combinations for Skyler.

1 - About Skyler's ability "Riptide Rhythm"

Skyler is based on a Vietnamese singer named Son Tung M-TP... and because of that, his ability is related to soundwaves.

Skyler in Free Fire

Upon activation, Riptide Rhythm would create a Sonic Wave that damages up to five Gloo Walls in a 50 meters radius. Furthermore, it increases players' HP recovery for each Gloo Wall deployed. At max level, Riptide Rhythm's AOE increases to 100 meters, HP recovery increases to 9, and its cooldown is lowered to 40 seconds.

Free Fire Skyler
Skyler's ability

Overall, this ability is an excellent counter to the "wall up" strategy that has been used in Free Fire for a long time. The heal is actually one of the best in Free Fire. It rivals Alok's Drop the beat and just a little bit weaker than A124's.

It might be a good idea to bring the "Mr. Waggor" penguin pet for an unlimited supply of Gloo Wall Grenades. Rockie pet's ability to reduce skill cooldown also work pretty well.

2 - Skill combinations for Skyler

Skyler + Jai + Shirou + Jota

This is more of a melee/rush style combo, with the player going in gun blazing. Shirou's ability would give you an edge in a duel... while Skyler's ability eliminates enemies' walls. Jota and Jai's abilities would give you extra HP and Ammo after a kill.

Jai Free Fire
Jai is essential for all rusher combo.

However, Jota's ability forces you into using SMG and Shotguns - you can switch to Joseph or Hayato if you want.

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Skyler + Kelly The Swift + Laura + Rafael

This combo is a mid-range sniper build hybrid and is very versatile. With Skyler's ability, you should be able to overcome one of the worst enemies of snipers, Gloo Walls. Kelly, Laura and Rafael would provide the damage and utilities you need. You can also replace Laura or Kelly with Shirou for more damage.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael was greatly buffed in OB27.

It is best to grab a marksman rifle the Woodpecker when using this build. The M14 rage core might also be pretty useful as well.

Skyler + Dasha + Luqueta + Wolfrahh

This is the best combo to use with an AR and would ensure your performance in the late game. Luqueta and Wolfrahh's ability stack up after every kill while Dasha's Partying On reduces all weapon recoils.

The AK is perfect for this build.

Dasha is the key piece of this combo - her ability to reduce recoil is perfect for ARs.

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